Fashion is Art, and you are the canvas:

Fashion is a celebration! It is a reminder of the fact that we wear our personalities every day. Man is a social animal and dress is an important mode of expression in society and an integral part of our lives. No wonder that every color going into the fabrics stand for definite meaning in specific social gatherings. White, for instance, is considered a color of purity and a sense of inner peace. It is no surprise, hence, if people wear white church dresses to their Sunday Sermons.

How do you dress for the church?

A church is a place where people are on the good side of life. People find themselves in numerous situations every day, be it work, family life or social gatherings. The church is no different! It promotes an environment of positivity and encourages self-analysis. Naturally, your dress code should also exude positive vibes. Before the Victorian era in England, dressing for the church was considered a privilege afforded only by the rich people. But the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, the clothing industry was spawned that provided everyone with affordable dressing options. Coming to the science part, your white church dresses are probably more comfortable than your business suits. White reflects all the rays of the sun including, the infra-red rays, and is a good insulator of heat. So body temperature remains fairly unaffected by the temperature outside. Hence, don’t hesitate to flaunt your white ‘side’!

What material should you choose?

When it comes to selecting the right fabric, it is affected by numerous factors like your budget, availability of fabric, readymade or custom tailored choice, the climate and many more. Custom Tailored suits, depending on the design can take from 02 to 04 weeks for completion. Suit fabrics are available in natural, synthetic and blended fabrics. Every fabric has its characteristic, wool, cotton, and linen are well aerated and help in the body respiration. Rayon and Polyester, on the other hand, are durable, water damage resistant and soil resistant. Always go for branded fabrics as they are less likely to be of inferior quality and the end product will be worth the wait if you custom tailor it!!