Experience choosing yoga clothes

Yoga clothes should be worn comfortably when exercising, protecting the body from possible damage because comfortable exercise will help avoid collisions, especially for beginners. Therefore, it is very important to choose yoga clothes that are comfortable and suitable. To choose quality yoga clothes, you can refer to the following criteria:

1. Material

Should choose quan ao tap yoga with highly stretchy material, but still keep the right ‘position’ when exercising, preferring durable materials and sweat absorbing effect. In addition, the soft fabric also helps protect your skin from swelling or redness.

Cotton or jute clothing sets will have good, soft, breathable properties, making it easy to perform Yoga poses with large amplitude and extremely good sweat absorption.

2. Style

The design of the yoga exercise should meet two criteria: simplicity and convenience. You should not choose cumbersome decorative designs, elaborate, many beads and ribbons because it will make it difficult to practice. Specifically:

2.1 Yoga Pants

Flared pants: These are pants like flared jeans or flared jeans, with a tight section on the thighs and wide flared on the lower tube. With elastic material and large back, you can perform the movements easily but still confident with the guarantee of the big back.

– Elastic elastic shorts: This is a very convenient pants and suitable for yoga practice, because of its gentle streamline. The pants are just knee-short and stretch well, suitable for you to wear to hot Yoga classes or wear in hot weather.

Experience choosing to buy beautiful yoga clothes

– Leggings: Leggings are tight, stretchy pants that reach your ankles. These pants feature great show off and help keep track of your workout results as they fully expose your buttocks and legs from waist down. This is the type of pants that appears in many Korean yoga clothes that are loved by young people


– Yoga Shorts: Slim shorts for women, designed with stretchy elastic material and modern design, colorful. Gives you a sense of comfort and freedom to exercise, giving you flexibility in the gym.

2.2 Yoga Shirt

– Sports Bra: is a dedicated design for you to wear directly when playing sports. They will give you a great experience when exercising, help you to respect your bust shape, stretch well and absorb sweat, and are comfortable to wear. In addition to helping women protect their rings once they are active, sports bra also improves training efficiency, especially in yoga practice. A good yoga outfit will be indispensable for this little ‘bra’ with this martial art

– Sports three-hole shirt: The sports tank top with stretchy t-shirt material is available in a variety of colors, and comes in both short and wide. You can freely combine with any type of yoga pants.

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