Excellent Guide to Buying Bulk Paper Towels

Paper towels are a classic example of a must-have everyday home and office commodity. Therefore, it pays huge dividends to shop wisely for these regularly used bathroom products. On the short-term, the savings per week on your towel spending are small, spending even minute at best, but in the long run, you’re assured of making incredible savings all thanks to the bulk paper towels ideas and pointers shared here.

The decision to buy a particular towel type or design is influenced by among other notable factors, the cost per sheet of the roll. Don’t always go for the lowest price per square foot sheet towels and tissues only; insist on quality as well.

Price per Sheet

Calculating the towel price per sheet may at first seem like a nuance, but upon closer review, one discovers how it might save you pennies today and dollars the week after. The formula for calculating the price per sheet is the number of sheets per towel roll multiplied by the number of rolls in that particular towel package. Then, that total gets divided by the towel or tissue roll price to give the PPS as it’s commonly abbreviated.

Bulk-sized Savings!

Buying in bulk is not only a shrewd and smart financial move but it is a time-saving move as well. Yes, you get the double bonus of having bought six months-worth of tissues and paper towels at ridiculously low prices. Plus, you’ll be doing yourself a great service not having to repeatedly visit a retail store to top up on the depleted bagasse toilet tissues or rolled towels for you. To score the best value for quality deals with towels, you’ll need to keep an open ear for new and amazing discounts and clearance sales.

Custom Orders

Bulk buying of tissues straight from a verified and trusted towel and tissue retailer, such as the National Hospital Supply gives you the added advantage of getting customized merchandise. As an informed consumer, you are fully entitled to getting any customized prints on your bulk purchases upon request. That request comes at an added cost, of course.

 Shipping and Storage Tips

Once you’ve successfully purchased the bulk paper towels at throw-away prices, it’s time to ship them to your place. Once you make your payment, the ordered goods ought to reach you in a week’s time, at most. Before the bulk merchandise arrives at your home or business premises, such as your rental apartments, you’re supposed to have created an ample space for storing the toilet products. It’s best to store the unused towels as per the specifications on the user’s manual.

Why Choose Us?

The National Hospital Supply Company has close to three decades worth of experience in the hospitality maintenance supplies sector. The company now has a massive supplies portfolio having well over 20K different bath, bedding, guest room and other housekeeping essentials. The company prides itself on having successfully shipped well over one million hospitality maintenance products to their over 160,000 global customers. Reach out to their ever-caring and diligent sales support team with any outstanding issues or to place your bulk paper towels orders.