Everybody, Meet Frank..

For all the golf lovers here, you probably have already met Frank – the ever famous Frank.

Frank is the known stuffed Tiger who spends his everyday life protecting his boss’s golf clubs, the “star” of commercials who made a debut appearance on the chest of his owner’s black golf shirt during a meeting. He’s just the most famous headcover in the world – no doubt about that.

When someone from the crowd asked Woods about this “logo’ on his chest the moment he sat down behind a microphone, he talked as if the answer was so obvious to all present in that venue.

“Oh, that’s Frank.”

Thus came the natural reply: “It’s what?”

“Frank,” Woods said, grinning from one ear to another. “Frank, my head cover.”

Little did they know… it was the beginning of a huge business for Jane Spicer – a lady who creates golf headcovers.

It happened that her most famous customer has been Woods’ mother, who bought Frank the tiger headcover. It really became so famous that he appeared in some fairly funny Nike commercials with Woods. What a lucky headcover!

It was indeed a story of slow growth, no overnight success, no overnight magic – just pure hard work and patience. She made the products and delivered them personally to her customers.

Spicer and her mother began attending the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, which is a large trade show for the golf industry. Then two magical things happened. Katilda Woods saw one of Daphne’s tiger headcovers displayed in a golf shop and bought it for her Tiger, her son. This is where it all started.

When Woods won the Masters in 1997, many phone calls and good news came to Jane’s doorstep. To say that it changed her life is an understatement – it happened so fast that they can’t even believe it. Suddenly she had an order for 10,000 tigers. Who would say no to that?

Eventually, the original headcover Katilda Woods had purchased began to wear out – it’s just natural that the first ever “Frank” will get tired. She had someone look for Spicer. After a few talks and, according to Spicer, Mrs. Woods orders a new “Frank” for Tiger every year.

It was indeed nice meeting you in this lifetime, Frank. (maybe this is Jane’s thoughts since that day.)