Every Leo’s Shopping List this Summer!

Enter the leo’s den, as leo time is around the corner (July 24th to August 23rd) Leo is all about grandeur and class, the royal feline needs to be purred the right way.

The flamboyant personality of a Leo is hard to miss. You just know when they have entered the room, their bright smiles and shiny mane can sweep anyone off the floor. As Linda Goodman has said, it’s not about the money for Leo’s, they just love pampering every bit of themselves. From trinkles on toes, to glossy red lipstick their wardrobes are always appreciated by onlookers!

So here’s every leo’s shopping list this summer, and maybe others can use it as a gifting guide. The cat isn’t that hard to please, you know!

  • Swimwear

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Flaunting their aura around the beach or the pool is what no leo would miss. A bright printed or floral swimsuit, with a deep waist cut should work brilliantly. Their bronze flavoured attitude reflects the bold prints well, be fancy enough to team it up with gold bracelets or bangles. Let that hair run wild too. If you are not into prints then a deep maroon or red swimsuit mind you and not a bikini would work too! Queens show minimal skin you see!

  • Perfume

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Perfumes must dominate when it comes to our fierce lion, musk and amber, even floral cashmere can roar. The lioness doesn’t believe in mellow, but a more earthy deeper smell that lingers even after they leave the room.

  • Spa Date

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Not on your shopping list but definitely at the end of it! Tiring as it might get while you shop, a pampering spa date is the best cuddle for a leo. The relaxing music, aromas and a deep muscle massage can cool the heat of her as quickly as ice melts in whisky! Make sure the spa has a seperate spa room and shower for the grand lioness, she does not compromise on privacy!

  • Pastel Palettes

Jupiter ruled sun sign carries warmer tones with finesse, well of course others as well, but this summer go in for yellow or gold to get that sun kissed aftermath. Loose silhouettes and tailored pants, or fitted skirts enhance the voluptuous figure of a leo. You will never find her uncomfortable in anything she chooses to wear, it has to be classy yet comfortable. Plain and subdued palettes are great for her stride.

  • Lights

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Her pompous self needs a flashy room, with cosy couches, woolen rugs a king size bed for sure and lamps illuminating corners. Don’t be surprised if you notice a glass chandelier in her room or her portrait bracing the wall! Buy delicate fairy lights this summer, twirl them around you bed posts, or put them in Chardonnay bottles in a corner they will settle the grand things around.

            You can go for a led wall light like a signage that says “The Diva” or “Brave” that compliments her personality.

  • Sunglasses

Accessories, a leo woman’s best friends, from toe rings to necklaces, array of belts to vivid purses. Get an amazing pair of prescription sunglasses, of course she might have her own collection hence being creative here is the key, but not quirky for sure! Go for oversized Audrey Hepburn glasses, or a Burrito Style like Jacqueline Onassis, sure to please her pride! Grand is Her, so pulling oversized glasses is a cakewalk for her!

            Buy designer glasses online, they are affordable and trustworthy, plus delivered right at home!

So All you leo woman, go ahead and embrace your birthday month and the vivacious luxury that life has to offer you!