Essential Tips to Maintain Your Sterling Silver Rings

Because pure silver is soft, it is mixed with metal alloys to toughen it up, allowing it to be turned into a variety of fashion accessories that can last for generations. The resulting product is called sterling silver. While several times more durable than pure silver, it may still end up with scratches, especially if it’s not provided with the kind of love and care that it deserves for its unmistakable beauty and unparalleled value.

Sterling silver is a popular material of choice for ring making. That’s because other than looking fabulous, it can also be of service for a long time. Being hard-wearing matters a lot since the hands are involved in carrying out many everyday activities, from signing a check to operating heavy machinery. The hands are also used for conveying a message, and the presence of sterling silver rings can make non-verbal communication a delight.

You can select from an impressive assortment of rings out of sterling silver. Because they come in a dizzying range of shapes and sizes, there is one for every personality, season and venue. No matter the design or purpose, one thing remains true: you need to do your best to keep them out of harm’s way, therefore allowing them to make you a stunner for life.

Take Off Before Springing Into Action

An effective way to keep your rings, especially those out of sterling silver, looking fantastic for a long time is minimising their contact with harsh chemicals as well as hard or sharp objects, such as those out of metal. It’s because of this why you should remove them before doing household chores or yard work, or handling rough or heavy equipment.

Remove When Applying Lotion

Wearing rings out of sterling silver is a great way to make your hands appear dazzling. To keep your hand soft and beautiful, it is a wonderful idea to apply hand lotion regularly. As the product increases the hydration levels of your hands, unfortunately, it decreases the gleam of your rings. This is why you should take off your rings before applying hand lotion.

Stash in the Bag Before Jumping in the Pool

There is no need to wear fashion accessories when donning a bathing suit as bursting with self-confidence is more than enough. This is why you should remove your rings before taking a plunge. Besides, chlorine is pretty harsh on sterling silver. You should keep your rings out of the material from coming into contact with the chemical by removing them beforehand.

Protect From Moisture at All Costs

It is not only before swimming when you have to remove your rings but also before taking a shower or a bath. You should do the same when hand washing, too, which is important now more than ever to reduce your risk of catching COVID-19. After all, to be sure, health authorities recommend removing any fashion accessories when washing the hands.

Clean as Soon as They Appear Tarnished

Usually, wiping them with a soft, dry cloth is enough to bring back the enchanting gleam of your sterling silver rings. If you love your fashion accessories, it is a great idea to have a constant stash of anti-tarnish paper. You may combine vinegar and baking soda and, with a soft-bristled toothbrush, use it to remove a heavy patina on the surface of your rings.

Follow these tips on safeguarding your rings out of sterling silver, and you’re golden!