Dress up your kid in their favorite movies/ tv character outfit

While watching movies, we often find ourselves getting fond of the attires that are often used in acting most of the time. And we also tried to find out similar kinds of dresses for ourselves while shopping. Similarly, when our little ones, our kids, watch any animated or children’s films, they also wish to have similar dresses as the dresses of the movie’s main character. As a parent, we always want our kids to have the best attire. Therefore, while shopping, we often try to find out dress like movie and tv characters, even for our kids and provide them with a smart look.

Thus, to fulfil our and our kid’s dream, the clothing companies like Myntra has come up with different types of dress like movie and tv characters, especially the favourite characters.

Here are some of the dress like the movie and tv characters to complete your look:

  • Chuck bass look from “Gossip Girl”: For your Chuck Bass look, all you want is a formal black suit with a light blue stripe shirt and a royal blue colour tie. To complete your look, all you need is a pair of brown leather boots. It is a look brought to you by Myntra, which is available for your kids and helps you provide the best look to your young ones.
  • Looks of Lucifer: To get your kid a Tom Ellis look from Lucifer, the company Myntra brought you a three-piece black suit with a coloured shirt and, of course, a round dial watch that often creates a smart look for everyone. Along with that, you also need a black leather loafer to complete your kid’s Lucifer look.
  • Dean Winchester looks.: Another favorite look that you try your kids into is the Dean Winchester look. Thus, Myntra has bought a similar kind of trendy dressing materials such as a black t-shirt with a black leather jacket, blue jeans with dark brown boots to complete your look. This look is one of the most common and trendy looks that are often needed by grown-up kids and often helps them create their own identified looks.
  • Professor Sergio looks from “money heist”: It is another most demanded and trendy look that is going on in this 21st century, the professor look. Your boy needs a reddish-brown-coloured suit with a light-coloured shirt, formal black pants, and a blue-coloured tie with black leather shoes to get this look. And definitely, full black-framed spectacles to complete the look.
  • The bold type look of Ryan Decker: is another most trendy look that one often needs his grown-up kids to get fit in. Thus, Myntra Fashion has bought the exact similar looks for your kids to fulfil your wish.

Numerous looks often need to dress like movie and tv characters brought by Myntra to fulfil your wishes.