Dress Like a Hippie from Head to Toe

In the 1960s, hippies worn clothing that showed their unhappiness with the government and the actions it was taking. They used their apparel as a form of protest, often choosing old clothes that didn’t fit properly. They disliked the growing interest in consumerism and the tendency of people to follow trends. Most people preferred clothing that was sleek and tight, so the hippies opted for items that were unstructured, loose, and top-heavy. They frequently chose to personalize their clothing using a variety of methods, including patches, embroidery, and acid washing. Today, individuals find the clothing found at jayli.com provides them with this same look without any effort on their part. What items remain popular with those who love hippie clothing today?


Hippies loved to wear accessories that showed their dislike of the government as well as their individuality. Many women chose to layer necklaces and bracelets made from materials such as hemp, straw, or leather. Beaded items remained popular as did items wrapped in fabric. Rings were often seen along with wide bangle bracelets, and hippies were happy with costume jewellery rather than more expensive pieces.


Hats were another item often seen in those who were protesting. One style didn’t dominate the scene, as these people wanted to wear whatever made them comfortable. Women would often put-on hats that were oversized and floppy, simply because that is what they liked. Men, on the other hand, would wear anything from a top hat or bucket hat to a cowboy hat they decorated themselves. Some men even wore women’s clothes on their heads.


Both sexes often wore belts with their outfit. Men and women might choose a thin strip of cloth or a thick and detailed belt with a large buckle. They may have even made these items from whatever things they had on hand when they decided they wanted a belt with their outfit.


Sunglasses remained a popular item in the 60s when hippies first because more widespread. Oversized or round plastic frames were seen everywhere, along with novelty-shape sunglasses. However, the novelty shapes were frequently seen on performers and entertainers rather than someone walking down the street. Elton John has become known for his unique sunglasses, many of which would have been a hit with hippies.

Although gradient lenses became more commonplace in the mid-1960s, hippies held off on taking part in this trend. It wasn’t until the early 1970s that they begin choosing sunglasses of this type. They opted for pastel-coloured round frames in many cases. Blue, yellow, pink, and purple were hot colours, and the rounds could either be standard or oversized.


Men and women often opted to leave their shoes at home when wearing hippie clothing. When they did put shoes on, they were often brown boots or sandals. Lace-up canvas shoes were also popular, although additional styles joined the ranks of popular footwear with these individuals over time. This included chukka boots, go-go boots, and winklepickers, among others.

If you love this fashion style, make the most of it. Anything goes when it comes to hippie clothing, as you want to express your personal style. With many items available today, you can have an outfit you love in no time at all.