Bags are very important to us. As we are going anywhere we use them to carry our things. Students use bags to carry their books and notebooks, office going persons use bags to carry their documents and their3 other personal details and women use their bags to carry their keys, money and their other personal things. But fashion has also entered in the bags and now there are a lot of bags available in different shapes and sizes and now the era of leather bags has entered the market and these leather bags are also called as mature bags. We get confused that which bag we should buy because there are so many designs and colours if leather bags available in the market. Now I will tell you about different types of leather bags available in the market:

SATCHEL: This is the most used bag by both men and women because of its versatility. This bag has a wide bottom and zip on its face with many side pockets as per your design. This bag is used by almost every office going persons. This bag has a short and a long strap and is very easy to handle. You can either pull a short strap and carry your bag or you can use a long strap and wear on its shoulder to carry the bag.

BUCKET BAG: As the name suggests bucket, so this bag has a shape like that of a bucket and this bag is mainly used by women. This bag has two shoulder straps which make it easy in use.

CLUTCH: This bag has the smallest size and is rectangular in shape with a large zip on its face side and many small zips on its inner side. Women use these bags while going to market, beauty parlours, or any other places. This is the most stylish leather bag and because of its small size, it is very easy to carry.

TOTE BAG: These bags are somewhat similar to the Satchel Bags but these are smaller in size. These leather bags have two straps on the top and have a rectangular wide base. This bag is used by women to carry their shopping things because of its compatible size and this bag can carry more items.

BACKPACK: The backpack leather bags are the most used and versatile bags used by almost every person. This bag has two straps on the front and wore on the shoulders. This bag is used by every school and college-going students. This bag is also called a pitthu bag. This bag can carry high weight. Students use these leather bags to carry their books and other study materials.

ATHLETIC BAG: As the name suggests athlete, this bag has large and small pockets. This bag is very soft in touch and very flexible, so it is very reliable and is mostly used by athletes to carry their sports equipment. Some gym-going persons also use this bag.

HOBBO BAG: The leather bag has a special shape and has a zip on its face side. There can be many other small zips inside it. Women use these leather bags because they are very easy to carry and they can use this bag to store their money, make-up material, keys and other personal things.