Different types of Custom Patches

 Custom Patches do come with a lot of utility and it has a lot of categories which are very overwhelming for the people who do not carry any of knowledge regarding their types. In order to ensure that you are getting the right custom patch of high quality, we have summed up some of the custom patches, and have described them in terms of price, turnaround time, material, texture, durability and many more.

Embroidered Patches:

Embroidered patches come with the combination of durability, affordability and it has the potential design as it uses several colors of thread in order to match the drawing or the logo of your company. When you will use the embroidered patches you will feel that the texturing is quite unique and the designs are popping out of the patch as it has the real depth. As they are very easy to make so they are also deadline friendly. It has a fast turnaround time.

PVC Patches:

PVC Patches are rubberized emblems which are rugged and they can easily tolerate a lot of water, grit, paintballs, mud, and everything that is harmful to all the other type of patches. Because of the unique material, it will create the effect of three-dimension and will have the sculpting effect that will provide a tactile feel. It has a medium turnaround time.

Leather Patches:

Leather patches are one of the versatile patches on this list because they are supremely classy and looks outdoorsy. It has the luxurious thickness and it offers faux leather that will make it an affordable or the vegan option. It has a medium turnaround time and it is basically used by fashion brands for using it in their bag labels or backpacks.

Woven Patches:

The best part of opting for woven patches is it does come with the benefits that the embroidered patches have but they are tightly woven which gives you the benefit of adding more details. You can add a lot of small letters in a very small space. It has a very fast turnaround time and works best for work uniforms, sports uniforms, giveaways and it also has short deadlines.

There are different types of patches available in the market so depending on your purpose you will have to pick the right one. These patches are distinguished on the basis of the material which is used for making it.