Designer Luxury Umbrellas – How to Choose One to Make Style Statement

Have you ever wondered that the umbrella that you carry in your bag is such an important accessory? Did you know that you could make an awesome style statement with the umbrella and grab eyeballs? Well, if you are answering in affirmative to the above mentioned questions, you are not the only one. There are millions of men and women in the world, who have never thought of the umbrella as a fashion accessory. It is very interesting to know that there are renowned international brands, which manufacture and sell designer luxury umbrellas to customers all across the globe. These umbrellas come in varied designs and styles and you can choose the one which suits your personality and choices best.

Whether it is the monsoon or the summer, luxury umbrellas will help in adding a dimension to your image and personality. Elegant as well as stylish, umbrellas have kind of become must-have fashion accessories for both men and women. Along with being stylish, it is also important that you have a strong umbrella, which is durable and of good quality. Mentioned below are some excellent tips on choosing an umbrella which is not only useful, but will help in making style statement at the same time:

  • Wind-up mechanism of umbrella–It is important to ensure that you purchase wind resistant umbrella. With wind-up mechanism of umbrella, the accessory can sustain the strong forces of the wind and the umbrella will not break in any condition. In such mechanisms, the umbrella gets bent inside out, but the main structure remains intact and gets back to its original form. Hence, even during strong winds, you will have a strong and safe accessory in place.
  • Opening mechanism of the umbrella–There are various mechanisms which are implemented for opening an umbrella. Some umbrellas are mechanical, which means that they have to be opened and closed manually. Some are automatic, which means it opens and closes on click of a button; some are semi-automatic – they open with click of button but have to be closed manually. Depending on the style with which you are more comfortable, you can choose the umbrella.
  • Handle of the umbrella–This is one of the most important points to be taken into consideration while purchasing expensive umbrellas. Handles of umbrellas come in different materials, metal handles more in numbers, followed by wooden handles. The umbrella should have a semicircular curved handle so that it can be held conveniently. A wooden umbrella generally has a wooden handle. In many designer umbrellas, you can see intricate designs and shapes made on the handles. These make the accessories unique.
  • Material used in the making of the umbrella–Umbrellas, whether designer or ordinary, come in two main varieties – windproof and weatherproof. It is recommended to choose an umbrella with a Teflon-treated hood. Many umbrellas use nylon, but nylon is water repelling and the hood might get wet quickly. Along with the hood material, the materials used in the handle and in the main structure of the umbrella are also important. They should be strong and sturdy to withstand the forces of nature successfully.
  • Size of the umbrella–Even when you are investing in a designer umbrella, you must make sure that you choose the right size. If you want to carry the umbrella in a bag, having a folding umbrella is always a good choice. Otherwise you can choose from non-collapsible umbrellas, which you can also use as a stick while walking. This looks really chic with the right attire and right place.

Buying designer umbrella from the right place

Now that you have quite a fair idea that designer umbrellas can help in making a style statement, it is important to find the right place from where these beautiful accessories can be purchased. With increasing demands of such luxury items, many companies are manufacturing the same. However, there are some companies, which have been established since years and are doing excellent business over the years. Bucklesbury is one such brand, which has been manufacturing umbrellas since 1805. The umbrellas from the company are completely handmade and have been tested in London rain. Highest quality materials are used in the manufacturing of these umbrellas, making each piece unique. The umbrellas are elegant, strong and stylish at the same time. You are sure to feel proud regarding owning such an umbrella from Bucklesbury.