Cruelty-Free Eyeliner – Tips to Buy Vegan

When you want to purchase a cruelty-free eyeliner, there are lots of things you should look out for to ensure that you do not end up buying an eyeliner that has ingredients that are animal-derived, as well as eyeliners that have been tested on animals. 

When shopping for an eyeliner, you will come across lots of eyeliners and it might be a little difficult to tell if eyeliner is actually cruelty-free. Although difficult, it is not impossible to tell if a particular eyeliner is cruelty-free. Below are tips to help you easily determine in eyeliner is cruelty-free.

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The ingredients in an eyeliner go a long way in determining if it is cruelty-free or not. When you come across ingredients that you can’t trace to any plant source, you have to be careful as there is a likelihood that these ingredients were derived from animals. Some of these ingredients are glycerin, lanolin, and carmine.

Going by this, when you spot carmine, lanolin, and glycerine on the ingredients list of an eyeliner, it is most likely not cruelty-free.


The Leaping Bunny seal on an eyeliner product is the easiest way to tell if it is cruelty-free or not. If an eyeliner product has the Leaping Bunny seal, then, it is cruelty-free. However, if this seal is missing, you cannot trust it to be cruelty-free. When an eyeliner product contains the Leaping Bunny seal, you can be certain that its manufacturer does not make use of animals in carrying out tests before releasing the product for sale. Furthermore, there is an assurance that the company that produces the eyeliner does not market its products in countries that ensure that products have to be tested on animals before they are allowed into the market.

While there is a likelihood that a product is not cruelty-free if it does not have the Leaping Bunny logo, there is no guarantee that it actually is not cruelty-free. There are certain cruelty-free products that do not have the Leaping Bunny logo. The implication of this is you will need to carry out some research to confirm if they are cruelty-free or not. While looking out for products that are cruelty-free but do not have the Leaping Bunny logo, a phrase like “not tested on animals” can always be a guide.

Best Cruelty-free Eyeliners

It is good to be able to differentiate cruelty-free eyeliners from eyeliners that are not cruelty-free. That, however, is not good enough. You must know what the best available cruelty-free eyeliners are. This way, you can always make the best choice when shopping for a cruelty-free eyeliner.

Below are some of the best cruelty-free eyeliner products.

Zuzu Luxe Precision Cruelty-Free Liquid Eyeliner

If you are looking to purchase an eyeliner that is not just cruelty-free but also fee from paraben, gluten, and produced from just natural ingredients, you can always purchase Zuzu Luxe precision cruelty-free liquid eyeliner. Contained in this eyeliner are sorbitol, mica, iron oxides, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, and jojoba oil.

The type of skin you have does not matter so long the use of this eyeliner is concerned.

You know why?

Zuzu luxe precision cruelty-free liquid eyeliner is ideal for all skin types. Furthermore, if you need an eyeliner that is durable, precise, and water-resistant, you can always depend on Zuzu luxe precision cruelty-free liquid eyeliner.

Beauty for Real I-Line 24-7 Waterproof Vegan Gel Eyeliner

Users of this eyeliner do not need to worry about getting wet as it is waterproof. Also, the matte finish it provides can last for up to 24 hours. Featured by this eyeliner is a gel that is consistent, smooth, cruelty-free and blendable.

This eyeliner does not just last long, it comes in various colors. This way, you do not need to make use of a color that you are not interested in.

This cruelty-free eyeliner comes with lots of qualities that will help you get good value for your money. It, however, gets to run out very rapidly. In addition to this, you will need to deal with the issue of the pencil tips always breaking.

Inika Certified Organic Eye Pencil

Featured by Inika certified organic eye pencil is a rich and creamy formula that can help you always look perfect each time you make use of it. This eyeliner can be taken advantage of by people that wear contacts, as well as people with sensitive eyes.

Inika certified organic eye pencil is made from natural ingredients and is very long-lasting. Some of the ingredients it is made from are black lovage oil, sesame seed, mica wax, hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Although Inika certified organic eye pencil has lots of qualities, there is a huge likelihood for the pencil to break when sharpened. You should, therefore, be very careful when sharpening it.