Coolest Comb Over Fade Haircuts to Transform Your Looks

We all have come across comb over fade hairstyles and their variations. They are some of the elegant haircuts that have won many men’s hearts, thanks to their classic variations. Besides, they look great with almost all hair lengths and textures. Fashionable and common latest comb over fade haircuts for men have become quite ubiquitous almost in all barber shops across the world.

While there exist a variety of variations of comb-over haircuts, including comb over undercut, side part, and comb-over, there is one general feature among all these variations; the hair is side swept. Browse this site to learn more about comb over fade hairstyles.

  • Undercut Comb Over

This undercut comb over fade is a modern take on the trendiest men’s hairstyles. By bringing together an undercut and a comb-over hairstyle, the sides are trimmed very short one length by use of clippers. The top hair is left to stay long.

Alternatively, you can choose to have the hair at the sides and back shaved. The sharp contrast between the long hair and the short sides gives this style a trendy and fabulous look. The top hair is further combed to one side.

  • Short Comb Over

If you want an adaptable comb over fade hairstyle, you may want to choose little comb-over. Men like this style since it can be styled easily and quickly in the morning. Just as standard comb-over, the change between the sides and the top is not so ubiquitous compared to other variations.

  • Long Comb Over

This one still embraces the culture of short back and the sides with an undercut or a fade. However, the top hair is maintained medium length or long. The lengthy comb-over haircut works well for men with thick, curly or wavy hair.

Besides, the added length on the top makes this hairstyle versatile, and men can style it in a number of chic looks, including faux hawk, quiff, and pompadour. All you need to get a classic long comb-over is the right product.

  • Classic Comb Over

The standard comb over fade incorporates hair at the sides and on top with the same length. As of coolest fade men’s hairstyles, the classic trend needs a tapered cut on the back and the sides. This is achieved easily using a scissor.

This maintains the change between the top and the sides more dramatic, with scissor cut of about 2 inches in length slowly tapering to the neck. If you want to rock this look, just ask your stylist for a perfect comb-over fade style.

  • Comb Over Fade

This incorporates standard side-swept look with short tresses at the sides. The fade basically involves styling the hair tapered towards the neck. In this case, the hair gradually gets shorter to the back and the sides. The method comes up with a fresh, sharp-contrast look.

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