Complete your jewelry closet with a set of pearl earrings

Pearls are synonymous with flawlessness and classical beauty. They are nature’s gift given to mankind; the most versatile charms liked by all. Their clearness and simplicity make them one women’s favorite earrings. The elegance of pearls compliments the beauty of a woman when they are created into fine jewelry pieces, especially when they are in the form of pearl earrings. According to figures, pearls are loved by women even more than the gold.

A wide variety of pearl jewelry is available but the most popular are earrings. A wide variety is available in the designs of pearl earrings also. These designs include ‘drop earrings’, ‘threaded pearl earrings’, ‘Stud earrings’, ‘screw on earrings’, ‘chandeliers’ and more.Let’s discuss how each one is designed and how it enhances your beauty.

Drop Earrings:it consists of a large gemstone, charms or geometric shapes which are hanging from the base, usually facing frontward. Pearls are present instead of gemstones in pearl earrings. The basic structure of the drop earrings is that it hangs free in a straight line from top to bottom.

Threaded Pearl Earrings: The threaded pearl earrings are the trendiest available pieces, whichgives a stylish and fashionable look. It consists of a very sleek chain of gold or silver attached with a pearl. While the pearl touches the earlobes, the chain hangs at the back of your ears. They look great and are ideal for wearing to parties and weddings.

Pearl Stud Earrings: These are the simplest and the most elegant ones. The pearl touches your ear lobes and there is a screw behind it to properly hold the pearl. This prevents it from falling and getting lost. The pearl stud earrings have the most conventional design, but they can change your complete appearance. They are easily affordable. If you are planning to buy pearl earrings at an affordable price, then they are the best choice.

Screw on Earrings: These pearl earrings are for those who do not have piercings. They can be of various designs but generally are smaller in size. They have a terminator which has a screw which holds the earrings firmly from the back of the ear.

Chandeliers: As the name itself describes, these earrings have a complex design and are hanging from the earlobes. They either have a curved hook which goes inside the hole of the earlobes or a straight design just like stud pearls.

It becomes difficult for women to choose from so many styles. However a jewelry closet is incomplete without pearl jewelry. If you wish to buy high quality jewelry then you should visit the Kyllonen luxury store. They have a huge collection of pearl jewelry and earrings and each one is unique and one of a kind. Each piece of jewelry is scrupulously designed and the choice of pearl is done by James Kyllonen, the owner of the company.