Colors Of Clothes Not Desirable In 2018

Although many resources write on the favorites of the year, there are actually no detailed lists of the colors which are considered old-fashioned or even called the indicators of a bad taste in 2018. That’s why we have consulted with the experts of Cattifly to find out what palettes are not the best ones during the period.

Don’t believe those, who claims red is not fashionable this year. According to Cattifly, this color is on top 5 in 2018. However, you need to remember there are still shades with different reputation here. For example, hot pink, burgundy, poppy and read pear tones are considered extremely trendy at the moment. While so called dusty and pastel red and pink lose their popularity and appear not welcomed in 2018.

The trend of mixing different colors in one outfit has also changed dramatically. If not so long ago the key principle here was to mix 2-3 shades of the same palette, the guys from Cattifly say this year the world-known designers insist on adding as much bright accents as possible. Of course, you don’t have to use all the colors of the rainbow while trying to create another stylish look for the season, but this time you have a right to mix yellow with blue and pink or green with red and purple. The latter is especially welcomed in case with animal prints. You are not encouraged to wear clothes with their classical interpretations in 2018. Only impressive technicolor options, please. Don’t mix it up.

In case you prefer modest colors in formal wardrobe, try to avoid them this year. The experts of Cattifly explain dark formal clothes are not the best choice in 2018. As far as the modern clothing designers insist on making the color range of your trendy outfits very bright, such models will simply break the rule. Do dare to experiment this year and help to fill life with interesting tones and shades. It doesn’t matter you have to go to work every day – the process of choosing suitable clothes for it can become much more exciting in case you put on white, red or even peach-color models.

Moreover, according to Cattifly, wedding fashion is no longer conquered by different kinds of white. In 2018 you can feel free to test unbelievably saturated colors at you wedding party. No matter, whether it’s the tone of the bride’s dress, her shoes or accessories.

The world of the latest trends is full of curious surprises and you need to check them carefully in order not to miss the greatest ones.