Cold Weather Essentials We Swear by to Get Through the Autumn and Winter Months

When temperatures fall below 10 degrees for the first time in a season, it tends to hit hard that the days of wearing t-shirts and shorts are over for the year.

Regardless of whether you spend a great deal of time enjoying the outdoors or you simply brave the elements as a part of your daily commute, having the correct attire and accessories are essential. Fortunately, Insiders Pick know what you will need to remain comfortable during the wet and cold season based on a personal trial and error experience as residents in London.

To assist you in preparing for the cold season, we have gathered all the weather items or team swears by for cold weather. Ranging from bomber jackets and jeans with flannel lining to the gloves and waterproof boots – all of these clothing fashion items should help you become used to the cooler weather and get you through the autumn and winter months. Check out the options below:

1. The Patagonia Pullover

I did not always understand people’s obsession with Patagonia until I purchased this sweater. Now, my Patagonia sweater is my most prized possession and one of the clothing items I wear most of the time. It is warm and incredibly soft, making it perfect for relaxing at home, running errands, and layering over t-shirts and below undercoats. The stand-up collar is great because it keeps my neck warm when buttoned; however, if I do not require the additional coverage, I can keep the collar unbuttoned. It is also water-repellent removing any rain or snow absorption and keeping me cosy, warm and dry.

2. The Madewell Crewneck Sweatshirt

This crewneck sweatshirt is a tightly woven, hefty and sturdy piece. I often choose to wear it to the office atop a t-shirt or Oxford. However, it is also perfect as a cosy clothing item that I can relax in the lounge and stroll about the house with, or possibly wallow in bed wearing on a cold and dreary day – the reason is the French terry cloth material. I believe I could make the crewneck sweatshirt work with almost all outfits and it has become a clothing staple in my wardrobe.

3. 32 Degrees Scoop Neck Thermal Top

My wardrobe is filled with several of these basic tops that are ideal for layering. The stretchy and soft fabric clings closely to one’s skin and will always keep you warm. I wear them over and over again, particularly during the winter, and they never lose their shape, comfort and are still able to retain heat.

4. Topshop Scarf

The striped scarf is one of my favourite accessories for cold weather. I adore the look of it and love the feeling of being bundled up. This striped scarf is highly practical to place as an additional layer of warmth on colder days, but I would also love to throw an oversized scarf to an outfit to make something plain more exciting.

5. Michael Kors Jacket

I recently relocated to New Year last year from a town where the sub-60 degree weather sends all of its inhabitants into a shivering frenzy. This means that I did not own a great deal of apparel suitable for the New York winter. I did, however, have this jacket which turned out to be strong protection to storms and snow when experiencing my first New York winter. It is not thick, so I was not expecting much; however, it is a surprisingly warm item. I wouldn’t stand in the snow or rain for long periods in it, but exposure to some water is alright and it will slight off the exterior.

6. The Agloves Unisex Sports Touchscreen Gloves

I received this particular type of touchscreen glove as a ‘stocking stuffer’ item last year, but I am now wearing them more than my leather gloves. They do not provide much warm because they are thin, but they do allow me to text when wearing them – a highly convenient alternative when responding to messages and emails while waiting for the subway.