Clone Replica Or Inspiration


The ‘luxury’ brands enjoy this qualification by virtue of the fact that they comply with a series of conditions that transcend the mere monetary value. Thus, a product of a brand of ‘luxury’, in addition, to be perceived as expensive, is backed by symbolic attributes and thanks to them is a coveted object of desire.

According to Heiner, Han and Atwal (2016) Authenticity and prestige are two unavoidable variables of any luxury brand. Let’s analyze it taking as reference the iconic bag 2.55 of the Maison French Chanel. 64 years after being designed and marketed for the first time, the bag is still valid and its price ranges around € 5000.

Every detail of this fine piece of leather goods, elaborated in an artisanal way, envisages a meaning, so the chain, which crisscrosses metal and leather, had the purpose of freeing the woman’s hands and in this way facilitating her unfolding and expression without threatening her. style, hence the closure on the flap as a brooch. That in terms of authenticity. However, if prestige is concerned, Chanel is a brand that holds status, the designs of its creator were inspired by the elegance and distinction of the French elite woman.

Then the products of luxury brands, because they are authentic, prestigious and have a price that limits their accessibility, represent aspirational objects that tend to be valued over the years.

What happens with the products of luxury brands in a globalized world, where appearances prevail over the essence; where the relevance has immediate expiration, where you have to appear to belong? Well, this world gives place to imitation, even more, when it is backed by an admirable technological development where everything seems possible. In this scenario there is room for clones, replicas and inspired objects.

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A clone is that low-cost product whose design evokes distinctive elements of the luxury brand’s product, does not use logos of this one and its textures and prints have variations in relation to the original ones.

A replica Or knockoff which ever you say, are the copies the original product in what it looks like; the differences are that the replica product is not made by hand, the raw material with which it is made is of inferior quality, it has no history, therefore it has no validity in time and its finishes constitute fine details.

An inspired object takes the original as a reference and from this one designs its own with its style and particular details.

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