CBD and its Role in Skin Care Products

To begin with, let us get that straight in our mind that CBD assures us to curtail inflammation, resist muscle aches and to calm your dry skin without getting you high. You have noticed lately that CBD hemp oil is one among the main ingredient in beauty products like lip balms, facial oils and body lotions. Almost every beauty product brand is now using it on their products because of the healing properties of the CBD oil. Amidst this buzz, there are a few misconceptions evolving regarding them and so we shall now discuss about in a detailed way.

CBD or cannabidiol are one of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis sativa plant. As it is of non-psychoactive in nature, you will not get high using any of the beauty products infused with it. The CBD oil is extracted from hemp that has low levels of THC in comparison to marijuana. It is also rich in fatty acids and mixed with other ingredients that improves your skin tone. Some other benefit includes skin hydration, lowering moisture loss and reducing barrier function.

CBD Beauty Products:

Not all beauty products are created equally with CBD. It is extremely important to differentiate between every kind of CBD being used on beauty products. This is clarified in the product description as full, broad and isolate spectrum.

Full Spectrum:

Cannabis that are extracted with cannabinoids include some traces of THC, the compound that gets you high. As per experts, full spectrum is more effective because of the benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes. Don’t worry as you will not get high because of a minimal use of THC.

Broad Spectrum:

These are cannabis that are extracted with all cannabinoids with the elimination of trace portions of THC. Some experts still believe that the broad spectrum still delivers “The Entourage Effect” as in case of Full Spectrum, although it doesn’t contain THC.

Isolate Spectrum:

This is the purest form of CBD. It is free from other cannabinoids, oils, waxes, chlorophyll and plant materials. Termed as the cleanest form of CBD because the isolates are free of any contaminants, has controlled potencies and above all it neither taste nor smell.

In a nutshell:

High costs are incurred in cultivating rich quality cannabis, extracting oils from them, testing them, manufacturing and later distributing into retail prices. This industry is still young and is evolving fast. It is also important to figure out what products to use as because you will be spending your earnings on it.