Bring Out Inner Beauty with Layered Haircuts

To give some twist to a hairstyle, nothing could be as good as adding layers. Since they are able to shape the hair to frame and complement facial features, they are responsible to add volume and bounce without using products. The best of all, layers are so versatile that they can work well with straight, natural and sleek hair. They also give a defined shape as hair get longer. There is nothing to worry about with layers because there is not such a big difference in the length.

When it comes to giving a slight makeover without significant changes, layers are the perfect option to upgrade to the next level. For more help and assistance on the available layered haircuts, here are some of the trendiest hairstyles to take into consideration:

  1. Long Layered Bob

With the ability to add volume and style to the personality, this go-to-style is perfect to work in the summer and spring seasons. It allows highlights to spice up the appearance. The bob looks fierce and super sexy to help women to bring out that inner diva.

  1. Wavy Blunt Cut

Wear this blonde and chestnut blunt cut that can fit on every girl on the go. This medium length haircut is intended for glam days while can be tied up to handle business activities.

  1. Blonde Neck Length Cut with Parted Bangs

This overly layered hairstyle looks elegant and enhances character of the woman who wears it. Its split bangs shape the face perfectly, especially on oval faces with flattering looks.

  1. Mid-Tone Cut with Side Swept Bang

Wait no more and have this classic layered cut that has mid-toned color mixed with light browns and blonde. Side bangs give shape and volume to the appearance while the two colors perfectly complement each other really well.Medium Blonde Shag Hairstyle

  1. Curly with Bangs and Highlight

In order to have a neck length layered haircut, go for this option and enjoy its slightly messy look. When given a finishing touch with soft light brown highlights and bangs, it is the ideal haircut to break the trend.

  1. Rockstar Haircut

To get that goth and punk look, have this super layered haircut and let everyone appreciate the appearance that shorter lengths give. Don’t forget to consider the personality and volume added. While going in a party, complement with dark makeup and see how the hairstyle would work.

  1. Fringe Cut

With a bowl cut at the top and longer lengths gradually, this is one of the rocker layered haircuts that are sure to bring that bold personality out. For the spunky touch, dye hair with neon color. Rest assured that fringe is in trend!

  1. Wavy Blonde Layers

Embrace the personality in this blonde ombre wavy textured haircut and get the perfect look for the day! With platinum blonde bottom and yellow blonde top, the waves add shape to the looks.

  1. Ciara Body Waves

Don’t be shy to wear this sophisticated brown and gold layered haircut. Its earthy tone works incredibly with normal to fair complexion and gives the perfect glow. Enhance its beauty with simple makeup and be the style icon.