Best Way to Wash Your Leggings

As a fitness or yoga lover, your leggings is one of your holy-grail clothing for each session. And as a result, most people have their leggings in their gym duffle bags while they go to the gym or on them as they go. To a fitness lover, your leggings are equal to the denim wears of a fashionista as you will be very comfortable in them – you wear them everywhere – the gym, the park, the grocery store or even to have lunch with friends.

As a result of its being comfortable to use, people tend to wear it all the time. The ‘wash and wear’ lifestyle which is common to users tend to the reduce the quality and lifespan of our leggings. To reduce the rate and chances of getting your favorite leggings worn out, I will tell you these easy to remember rules to follow to better care for your leggings.

  1. Stop using warm water

There are stories and myths that people say; you should never use cold water to wash your leggings. That is a big myth. Your leggings were made from purely synthetic elastic fibers – that means they stretch while you workout to give you a total comfortable feeling. If you use hot water in washing your leggings, it will make the elasticity of your leggings to lose it firmness and can no longer be intact. So always endeavor to wash with cold water.

  1. Use of dryer

Already aforementioned the fiber of leggings do not agree with heat at all. To get the best out of your leggings, you should leave it in a cool place to dry off but if you must use a dryer, kindly use with a very low dry.

  1. You’re using regular bleach.

Bleach is a very good cleaning agent. However, your yoga pants aren’t made of cotton so regular bleach would be a bad choice to use when washing it. Use oxygenated bleach because it is safer to wash all color types. It washes while still maintaining the regular qualities of a bleaching agent.

  1. Piling up clothes before taking out the laundry.

Everyone is guilty of this. We want only to want to wash when the clothes are almost falling out of the laundry basket. The more delayed washing we give our leggings, the harder it becomes to remove stains as they will be tougher.

  1. Frequent wear between washes.

Did you get a favorite pair of leggings? Yes! I think we all do, especially if we get them from great brands like ClimaWear. So we are guilty of recycling, always wearing it more than once before washing. We are damaging it more than we know. First-wear is enough to make it dirty with ‘workout juices,’ and with second wear, you won’t be able to identify the dirt that much thereby making it harder to wash. The key, have more than one leggings and you will not need to recycle.