Best Turnover Rates of Products in This Industry

iHerb is one of the best sites for ordering natural supplements, as well as natural foods. They are near the top in sites such as this for many reasons. The number 1 reason for this website is the value you will get for your money. They give discounts for everything, as well as coupons, promo codes and first-time shopper discounts.

Codes and coupons

iHerb is one of the best website for online codes as well as shipping discounts. They are also many coupon codes for online shopping so before you check out, make sure you have checked for all your discounts. And don’t leave the site without making sure you have your shipping discount or for free due to products you are buying.

Highest product rates of turnovers

Because they have the highest product rates of turnovers that is one of the best in this industry, iHerb can give you the freshest possible products. Their turnover rate for their inventory averages around 8.1 times each year, and this is amid the highest rates of turnover. If fact many believe that it’s the best in this industry. What does this mean to customers – that products from this company stay on the shelves for only 45 days on average.

Better than “brick and mortar” stores

Most of their products have best-by-dates or expiration dates, which can be found on the product page. That is like holding the real package or bottle in your hands, as you would at a “brick and mortar” store.

Distribution centers

iHerb’s distribution centers are both climate-controlled, that protects these products from conditions such as:

  • Heat;
  • Humidity;
  • Cold.

This quality control level works by iHerb to make certain to have product effectiveness for every customer. In addition, these distribution centers are industry certified by NSF International, earning GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification.

Customer information

Another reason that iHerb continues to grow is personal privacy is critically important to this company. Since they opened in 1996, iHerb has never leased or sold any information about customers with third parties. Personal information remains entirely confidential.