Best Tattoo Designs For First Timers

Getting a tattoo for the first time is exciting and really confusing as well. You will need to spend a lot of time thinking about the design, placement, tattoo parlor and many other things. If you cannot decide which design you should ink for the first time, then we have some very good tattoo designs. You can check them out and decide if they are the right ones for you.

  • Rose – if you are planning for a minimal and elegant flower tattoo, then a rose can be the best choice. It is a timeless design which is going to give you a great makeover. If you want to play safe and want a great looking tattoo, then a rose tattoo can be your choice. You can add some colors to the tattoo or just keep it black-grey.

  • Orchids – orchids are appealing and look absolutely beautiful on any part of the body. Just like a rose tattoo, an orchid is elegant and timeless. You can get an orchid tattoo on any part of the body like the wrist, leg, neck, & so on.

  • Vines – those of you who are close to nature and want to stay around the elements of nature at all times, vines can be the best tattoo choice for you. Cut out the idea of flowers but stick to the plush greenery. A vine tattoo can be extended to some extent, so you can get it done on your forearm or thigh.

  • Palm Tree – palm trees stand for peace, victory and triumph. So, if you think that these elements mean a lot to you, then palm trees can be a great tattoo. Depending on your body structure, you can design the palm trees as you like.

  • Lion – lion tattoos are one of the most popular and significant tattoo ideas that you can choose to get inked. They stand for power, strength, courage and so many other things. Lion tattoos can be a great tattoo idea for first timers.

  • Wolf – wolf tattoos represent loyalty, strength and love towards one’s family. Wolf tattoos are always intriguing and very sharp on your hand or thigh. You can add a bit of color to the tattoo and make it look even more interesting.

  • Dogs – if you have a pet dog at home and consider dogs as your “best friend” then a dog tattoo is the best first timer tattoo you can get inked. With so many different breeds of dogs in the world, you can choose whichever you want. Add some more fun designs to the tattoo and make it even graceful.

  • Paw Prints – those who have the idea for a minimal tattoo, then a paw print can be a great choice. They are cute, lovely and very aesthetic. Paw prints are suitable for both men and women which makes it even more versatile.

So, these are the top tattoo ideas that you can check out if this is your first time getting inked. Once you have got a new tattoo, you will need a good tattoo sunscreen.