Best Mother and Daughter Jewelry Inspirations to Show Your Love

Nothing ever compares to the bond between a mother and a daughter. It’s truly something special and magical that deserves to be celebrated and remembered.

While matching tattoos like the one you would get with your best friend will definitely earn some frowns from your parents, you can have a little less permanent way to show your love to each other. But if you ask us, this could be much more fashionable.

Mother and daughter jewelry is a great way to give as a gift to each other. Whether it’s for a wedding gift, a mother’s day surprise, or just something out of the blue —matching jewelry will surely warm your heart.

Need some ideas and inspiration? Check these beautiful and meaningful designs out:

  1. Dainty Heart Initials Charm Bracelet

Hearts can definitely be overused when it comes to jewelry but honestly, it doesn’t even matter because this classic design won’t go out of style. Plus, what better way could you show your love than the literal symbol of it?

Make it a little more personal by having your initials engraved on the charm. You can also build your own charm bracelet and include other things that remind you of each other!

  1. Cutout Necklace

A sweet yet subtle way to wear matching mother-daughter jewelry is through a cutout necklace.

Cutout necklaces represent the bond and the unbreakable relationship between the mother and the daughter. The two pendants fit when placed together yet are cute and chic when worn on their own.

There are a lot of cutout necklace designs that you can choose from wholesale fashion necklaces online collections. You can get something that references an inside joke between you two or go for the common yet meaningful designs like a puzzle piece, house, flower, or even the classic heart.

  1. Animal-Inspired Pendants

Animals share the same unbeatable bond between mothers and daughters. It’s part of their instinct and survival.

So if you two have a penchant for animals, why not get a mother-child animal pendant that will look absolutely beautiful on its own or even paired with your other jewelry? A famous option is a mom and baby sea turtle matching pendants.

Sea turtles are known for their unique way of giving birth where the mom would lay her eggs on the shore and the baby will eventually make its way to the sea where the two would be reunited. This is a great symbol that shows you two would always find each other no matter the obstacles that you face.

Dandelion Charm Bangles
  1. Dandelion Charm Bangles

A dandelion mother-daughter jewelry is something incredibly unique and touching. On its own, you might think that it’s not a part of a matching set which makes it perfect for those who are looking for a more subtle jewelry choice.

The idea behind this particular design is that the mother would wear the dandelion plant and the daughter would wear the dandelion seed. It shows that even if the daughter is set to grow up and become independent, even making a family of their own, she will always be connected to her mother.

This particular design even works if you have multiple members of your family. You can get one dandelion plant charm for the mother and have several dandelion seed charms for the daughters.

  1. Knot Woven Bracelets

Woven bracelets are famous when it comes to mother and daughter jewelry designs because it’s child friendly and less likely to irritate a baby’s skin. Many new mothers purchase knot-woven bracelets and have something tied to them as a form of lucky charm or a talisman to bring luck and protection to the baby.

But if you don’t believe in that, this bracelet still makes for great matching jewelry. If you’re quite an artsy person, you can even DIY this to make it more personal to both of you instead of buying finished product from fashion jewelry vendors. Just make sure to use hypoallergenic fabrics if you’re making one for a baby!

  1. Mother of Pearl Earrings

Pearl is something that most people don’t think about when searching for mother and daughter jewelry but really —it’s already on the name so why not go for it?

Get yourself matching mother of pearl earrings to commemorate a special occasion between the two of you? This is a popular option for mothers who would want to give their daughter a graduation gift, wedding gift, or even when she turns 16. It’s much more elegant and mature which is something that will definitely be appreciated by either of you.

Plus, you know that both of you will wear it for a long time, and won’t simply be a phase in your jewelry style. Since pearls are classic and timeless, you can wear them whenever and wherever. So if you want matching jewelry that both of you will continue to use for many years, then choose a timeless design like this.

  1. Engraved Bracelets

If you truly want to personalize whatever jewelry you want, then you really can’t go wrong with engraved bracelets.

You can purchase whatever bracelet each of you wants so neither of you gets stuck with a design that doesn’t match your style. A lot of local jewelry boutiques offer engraving services and some of them even offer it for free if you purchase the jewelry for them.

As for engraving, you can keep it simple by having each other’s initials or having a meaningful phrase inscribed on your bracelet. You can choose from the usual phrases like “I love you to the moon and back” or “The love between a mother and daughter is forever” but if you’re going out of your way to having it personally engraved, then might as well choose a phrase that is personal to both of you.

An important thing to note when having your own jewelry engraved is to make sure that the jewelry will hold through the engraving process. This is even more important if the jewelry itself is sentimental to your family. Always have it engraved by a professional to make sure that your jewelry will come out perfect and safe!