Best Ideas For Loose Diamond Bespoke Engagement Rings

Let us be honest, every girl has dreamt and drooled about it. That Moment. The moment in time when her ‘knight in shining armour’ will be on one knee. Tears trickling slowly down her face as she prepares to say “Yes”. It is the most romantic evening of her life.

The time will just be perfect for you to pop the question. And what would be the highlight of this great occasion? You are right. The dazzling diamond ring sliding down on her finger. It is no secret that getting a beautiful engagement band will go a long way in expressing your true feelings to her. And what better way than getting her a custom-made bespoke piece to seal the engagement.

However, you will need to source for a perfectly looking loose diamond that will be set on the ring. The diamonds come in in different shapes and sizes to choose from. Getting the right one will allow you to create a stunning masterpiece. Before we delve into the best ideas for the engagement bands, let’s look at some benefits of choosing a loose diamond for your personalised bespoke ring.

Benefits of acquiring the right loose Diamond.

  1. Customization– It goes without saying that a loose diamond opens up a wide array of options of customizing the ring. Pre-mounted diamonds have acquired their final setting and may be difficult to adjust. Getting a loose diamond allows you to design the perfect ring from your own imagination and vision.
  2. Convenience– It so easy to scout and buy loose diamonds in the UK. There are hundreds of online dealers that have large online collections for loose diamonds. You even get to effortlessly assess the quality of the diamond from the comfort of your home. The diamond once ordered will be delivered to your doorstep, allowing you to maintain your busy professional schedule.
  3. Authenticity– Loose diamonds, just like any other natural gemstones, are tracked and certified for their quality. There are several organisations such as GIA and IGI that monitor diamond control and issue certifications. A reputable dealer ought to provide the certificate for authenticity as proof of the quality of the diamond.
  4. Kinder to your walletEngagement rings can be quite pricey. Depending on the size of the stones and the skills of the craftsman, the price may vary a lot. Settling on a glowing loose diamond will save you the rip-off from expensive “renown” brands that just sell their name.
  5. Eccentric designs to play with– Loose diamonds will allow you to go all creative on your engagement band. You get to tinker away into a unique personalised masterpiece that you will treasure for ages to come. Even better, you can even add a personalised message or code for your lover on the ring.

The 4 C’s

Remember when dealing with quality diamonds, you must never forget the rule of the thumb, the 4 C’s. Clarity, carat, colour and cut. These properties determine the worth of your diamond. A certified dealer will produce certificates of authenticity to help you out choose the best.It is also advisable to have a budget plan. It allows you to select the best diamond within your comfortable price range.

The perfect Ideas for Bespoke Diamond Engagement Rings.

Now that you have settled on the right loose diamond, the task ahead would be to sculpture it into a scintillating masterpiece. However, there are some factors that you need to consider for the proposal to be perfect.

Her ring size may be required to be used as a guide. You can be a little sneaky on it and “borrow” one template ring from her jewellery collection. Involving one of her girlfriends will make it easier for you even in deciding on her tastes and preferences.

Additionally, you need to decide on the precious metal that will hold your brilliant diamond in place. Some of the popular options include;

  • Yellow gold– It is 70-75% pure gold that is layered up with alloys. It is relatively affordable and readily available. If you are planning to have the more traditional look, this is a viable option.
  • Platinum– It is very popular in classical rings.  Its purity and strength make it pretty and durable. It is the ultimate metal for the perfect engagement ring if you are looking into the sophistication and luxurious appeal.
  • Titanium– This lightweight and grey metal has a characteristic hue that has made it be preferred for contemporary pieces. It is also hypoallergenic and corrosion resistant.
  • Rose gold– The perfect embodiment of elegance and love all fused into one. It will have you looking fresh will still rocking the luxurious feeling.
  • Palladium– The metal has gain popularity among modern designs. Its hypoallergenic and durability characteristics make it withstand the rigours of everyday life and still appear stunning.

With the metal band sorted out, you in conjunction with our Hatton Garden Jewellery designers will come up with the setting for your diamonds. Here are some possibilities that you may consider;

  • Prong setting– Two prongs are used to hold the diamond in place. The diamond piece sticks out with all its brilliance and radiance.
  • Bar setting– Vertical bars are used to keep the gemstone in place. It results in a smooth and clean finish with a classical sparkle to it.
  • Pave setting– It is fairly common these days with tiny beads used to set the diamonds. The multiple diamonds are placed close to each other separated by the beads.
  • Channel setting– Multiple stones are placed next to each other with two horizontal channels running across to hold the diamonds in place.
  • Bazel setting– A metal rim is created that surrounds your dazzling gem. It helps mask imperfections within the diamonds.

Even with the metal band and setting chosen, it is important to put your thoughts on the right style. Are you considering a vintage ring that provides a family heirloom piece or a modern and more contemporary design? The choice is yours. Get to look into numerous online galleries for bespoke engagement rings to find your taste that will help create something unique.

For all your queries about these ideas on the perfect loose diamond and bespoke engagement rings, please visit Ovadia jewellery shop in Hatton Gardens London. Feel free to call 020 7405 1063 and book your appointment.