Aviator Sunglasses – The Fashion Icon is Back and More Popular Than Ever

The History of Aviator Sunglasses

Originally called pilot glasses, aviator sunglasses were originally developed by Bausch & Lomb in 1936 for pilots to protect their eyes from the sun from every angle while they were flying at high altitudes. The dark, reflective lenses of the aviator sunglasses have thin metal frames with lenses around to three times the size of an eyeball. The original model had flexible cable arms to hook over a pilot’s ears. Many people refer to this original design as Ray-Bans today due to effective marketing, but other manufacturers also have their own versions of aviator sunglasses.

Aviators became well-known when General Douglas MacArthur was seen wearing them when he landed on the Philippine beach in World War II and pictures were taken of him. The general’s picture with aviator sunglasses has become an ingrained part of the Second World War history.

The aviator sunglasses’ popularity was revived in 1986 when famous actors Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer worn them in the action film “Top Gun”. After that event, aviator sunglasses became the fashion trend for celebrities and the public alike.

The modern era of aviator sunglasses

The aviator sunglasses was not designed to be a fashion statement, but rather created to aid pilots in eliminating the harsh glare of the sun while getting clear vision of the horizon. However, as decades passed, these sunglasses gained popularity and has evolved in style and materials used.

The timeless, classic and elegant appeal of the aviation sunglasses was retained over the years, but modifications were done to suit the needs of the masses and to progress together with the modernizing world.

Plastic aviator frames started to be manufactured in the year 1970. Originally the aviator sunglasses had double and single bridge models, and recent types have one-piece lens shields, as always seen worn by the late Michael Jackson.

Through the years various colors for lenses have been designed, and mirrored lenses rose in popularity, due to the mysterious effect that the closed-eye sunglasses emits.

Modern style aviator sunglasses now have rimless and semi-rimless designs, brighter colors, black frames and bolder tone. The flashy colors and tinge are very popular among people from every walk of life.

Aviator Sunglasses for Women

Aviator sunglasses were originally made for men, but in 1970, ladies began to wear to this shape of sunglasses.  Female aviator sunglasses can now be seen in fashion runways and red carpets, making it more popular and appealing to the public. The traditional tear-drop shape can now be found incorporating rhinestone details and softer colors for lenses like pink and browns for a truly feminine design. These high-fashion sunglasses continue to evolve in the fashion industry with more and more sunglass companies popping up to bring their own twist to a classic design.

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