Aviator Sunglasses Hot Trend for Women

Most of us probably know the rich history of Aviator Sunglasses, but for those who don’t, these Sunglasses were made to help our fighter pilots back in the World War II for eye protection against the sun, smoke and flying fragments. From the first day it was introduced by Ray Ban, who tailored the teardrop design to the shape of pilot goggles, it has definitely come a long way.

Before, it has been considered mostly a men’s style, but now, it is already used by both man and woman for sun protection and as a fashion accessory. They now come with different designs, styles and colors, but still keep that same shape, swag and classic look it had back then. Most women became attracted to these sunglasses not just for the optimum protection it brings, but because of the casual cool style it has and a chic high-fashion appeal it carries.

Lenses and Color

Women love colors, you know that. One of the reasons why the Aviators Sunglasses became a fashion option for women is because they gave it a really nice touch, they added color to them and femininity to it. Aside from the classic black and mirrored style, which by the way, also looks good with women too, these glasses now come with a lot of options like the trendy pink shade, the rainbow mirrored design, emerald and pastel colored lenses, the now very popular yellow lens, the classy nude color lens and split two tone metallic lens design, there are definitely a lot of good pieces to choose from.

Shapes and Sizes

The classic teardrop shape is still the one that separates the Aviator from other types of sunglasses. This design is perfect for women with a heart shaped face or those girls whose faces resemble the look of an inverted triangle. But this will definitely look amazing with any other facial types depending on colors and general design. The hot trend now is Oversize Aviators which are perfect for outdoor wear and sun protection plus brings a fashionably cool casual look. It also has different added twist to it like the modern brow bar over the top design and the rounded shape style that look great on everyone.


The frames are also very fashionable for these glasses now. Aside from the thin metallic frame it rocks, which is still the most popular frame used for this style, there are now plastic frames which come with different fun colors and designs. This gives the Aviator a more feminine dash such as pink, tortoise, white, nude and Florals. There are also pairs that are half framed for a sharper look and frames that are a bit rounder which makes it flexible for other facial types.

This piece has been a fashion staple for many years now and you can be confident that whatever style or design you chose will not grow old and will be a smart choice for you.