Anchor Bracelets: A New Obsession for the Fashion Industry

It has stricken many as to why the symbol of the ‘anchor’ been a recent obsession of the fashion industry. The edgy, dimensional and dynamic image of an anchor is being incorporated in the printing of t-shirts, making a pendant cut out in an anchor-shape and even a miniature anchor piece of jewellery worn as a nose pin. The most classy and meaningful image of the anchor, however, enlivens through the use of it as a part of a bracelet which braces one’s wrist. An Anchor Bracelet is a new trend in the fashion sphere.

Fashion Industry and their Anchoring:

The fashion industry seems to have been trying to anchor to the top priority, and the symbol of a mighty anchor may hint at that particular fact, predicts some fashion experts. Perhaps, it is the clinging and want of settlement from the side of the fashion industry or a message to its followers for the same. The actual reason is not known, but the anchor bracelet is one of the jewellery trends which one must own if he claims himself a fashionista.

Why should an Anchor Bracelet be owned?

An Anchor Bracelet comes with a lot of meaning if owned, especially to the ones who had faced all the crisis of life with his bravery and stood up no matter what. It is perhaps the final time for them to settle on the shore of life and pledge themselves a life of settlement and security.

One may own it for oneself, or gift his beloved as a token of love and appreciation. Owning an Anchor Bracelet is indeed similar to owning an asset with real meaning. Apart from this reason, an individual who feels a strong connection with sea or is far away from his hometown may also choose to opt for an anchor bracelet which might keep him going. The bracelet is sure to provide a sense of security when worn on the wrist and securing with it with an anchor just like a ship is handled. Indeed, one is no less than the ship itself when it comes to overcoming the struggles of life quite similar to those turbulent waves.

The symbol of an anchor can never go out of fashion as it is universally recognised and accepted as ancient imagery for strength. A bracelet mimicking so many meaning to one’s life is always an updated version of fashion.