All Solutions Now Present with the Fragile Packaging Stickers

Something that can never be lacking in a consumer product, be it food and beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, agro-industrial, cleaning, among others, are packaging stickers ; that part of the packaging so important that it provides essential information to consumers in order to identify what they are going to buy. 

What are the packaging stickers and where do they come from?

 On many of the products you consume every day at home, work, and even on the go, you have seen a wide variety of packaging stickers with relevant information about the product. But have you ever wondered what a packaging sticker is? The packaging sticker is defined as “an integral part of the packaging that identifies the product or brand, who, where and when it was made, how it should be used and the content of the ingredients of the product. In this sense, fragile packaging stickers become the main means of communication between you as a producer and your consumers. 

Now, what is the origin of the packaging sticker?

The packaging stickers have been present in the history of mankind since man began marketing merchandise.Since then they have evolved since the Romans began to control the sale and purchase of items; for this they recorded the date, place, weight and name of the distributor. This is how the first handwritten food packaging stickers on products were created.  

Centuries later, thanks to the invention of printing and lithography, the first printed packaging stickers appeared in Europe that were no longer just a tool to inform consumers and began to be used to attract the attention of customers. Then they evolved together with the invention of the die cutter to the custom adhesive packaging stickers that we know now.

Packaging sticker typing

As we already know where they come from, it is also important to know what types of packaging stickers you can find on the market. Packaging stickers are generally typified according to the function they fulfill.

  • Informative: are those packaging stickers that your company should use to help consumers in the decision to buy the product according to its characteristics, because they provide the basic and necessary information about the item.
  • Persuasive: those that contain themes and promotional phrases as the main message and leave basic information for the customer in the background.

They can also be classified according to the material and its manufacturing process. That is, there are self-adhesive, relief, laser, barcode, paper, and metallized, synthetic, fluorescent and moisture-bonded packaging stickers, used depending on the type of products. For example, the most used bottle packaging stickers are self-adhesive, which are perfect for that item because they are not damaged by moisture.

They are a fundamental part of your marketing strategy

With the advances and evolution of market needs, packaging stickers fulfill functions and uses that have gone beyond providing basic product information.Research on buying behavior has shown that consumers pay attention to both the physical appearance of the item and its quality. But remember that the quality can be evaluated only after the purchase. 

In this sense, the packaging sticker is the window that makes the difference and makes a particular product interesting, compared to the competition.

Therefore, the design of the packaging sticker depends on whether or not the product is attractive to your customer ; which makes it necessary to carefully analyze every detail that is placed on it. This must contain a message and clear design that reflects the values ​​and personality of the brand, it must be striking and easy to remember but above all focused and thought on the audience to whom it is directed.