All one needs about iPhone 14

Apple Inc. revolutionized the world when it first introduced the first iPhone in 2007. After that, every iteration of iPhone models has taken the smartphone industry to newer, better, and smarter levels. The latest version, iPhone 14, is no exception to this rule. This state of art product comes with some really cool features. Let us discuss more about this device – its launch, features, iPhone 14 price in Dubai, and more.

Launch of iPhone 14

iPhone 14 is set to be launched on September 16 though pre-orders are available from September 9 onwards.

Best features of the iPhone

The following are some of the best fearless of iPhone 14.

  1. Bigger display

Smartphone displays are getting bigger over time and iPhone 14 continues this trend with a large display that makes for an awesome video streaming experience.

  1. Battery life that will last

One of the biggest annoyances with smartphones has long been about battery life and battery performance. Over the past few years, this problem has been curbed with larger batteries and better management of power. This trend continues with iPhone 14 which is bringing highly innovative battery management.

  1. Action Mode

iPhone 14 features a new Action mode. It can enable users to capture incredibly smooth videos as the camera will adjust to any significant shakes, motions, and vibrations, while you record the video.

  1. A revamped camera system

iPhone 14 has revamped the camera system by introducing a larger sensor and larger pixels. The TrueDepth camera is, an ultra-wide camera that is capable of capturing much more area. The resulting dual camera system might be the biggest innovation in smartphone design in the past few years.

  1. Crash Detection

One of the best and most noticeable features iPhone 14 is that it can now detect a car crash and will automatically dial emergency services if the user is unconscious or unable to reach the device. That is a cool feature that might save several lives.

  1. Emergency SOS via Satellite

Another cool feature of the iPhone 14 is the introduction of emergency SOS via satellite using device antennas even if you are outside internet coverage through wifi or mobile data.

  1. iOS 16

iPhone 14 will feature the latest version of Apple’s smartphone operating system, iOS. The iOS comes with several new features including a more personalized and beautiful Lock Screen and a new design for widgets along with much more. The latest version of iOS will be available as a software update from September 12.

The above list of features of the iPhone is by no means exhaustive. However, there are some other cool things to know about iPhone 14, which must be discussed here.

An eco-friend device

As the world has grown more conscious of global climate change, companies are adopting green practices. Apple Inc. has moved toward more recycled, reusable materials for making the iPhone in furtherance of this goal.


iPhone 14 will be available in four 4 colors – midnight, blue, starlight, purple, and red. Every single one of these colors gives the smartphone a stunning look.

Storage capacity variants

iPhone 14 will come in 3 internal storage capacity variants – 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. Depending on usage, all these options offer plenty of storage.

More free benefits

The iPhone 14 owners will also be getting three months of Apple Arcade with a new subscription for free.

iPhone 14

iPhone price may vary according to where one buys it from and on the inclusion of taxes.

The Bottom Line

One can easily wrap up the above discussion by concluding that iPhone 14 is going to be one of the best versions of the iPhone. If you are considering buying this device, it is best to use it along with other devices of the apple ecosystem like the Apple watch 8.