All about platform bed frames and how to choose one

A platform bed frame blends simplicity with sturdiness and comes in different styles. They are flexible option that functions with any type of mattress. Once you’ve discovered the perfect mattress, you’ll have a sturdy frame to support it. The mattresses, without the appropriate support, become unguarded to bulging and wear. The platform bed is a type of bed frame that’s set without a foundation or box spring. This what’s makes a platform bed versatile because it doesn’t need any box spring. Thus, if you purchase it, no need to get any other accessories. One of the most remarkable features of the platform bed is that it let owners to sleep comfortably on their mattresses without using any separate foundation.

Unlike the usual bed frames, platform beds are near the ground, and usually, lift your bed about 12 inches off the ground. Platform beds are practical, and comfortable, and come in different styles that can easily boost the look of your bedroom.

Check this guide for buying a platform bed frame


  • When it comes to choosing the platform bed, can improve the comfort of your bed. Yet, it will be based on the type of mattress you have. Platform beds that you’ll choose must be breathable and ideal for all mattresses. If you sleep in a hot environment, a platform bed circulates air across the mattress, to keep you cozy at night. When looking for a platform bed, you should take note of the size of the slats and the distance between them.


  • A platform bed is compatible compared to a box spring because it can cater to most mattress types, including latex, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses. Box springs are most suitable with innerspring mattresses.

Dimensions or Size

  • The dimensions of the platform bed that you’ll buy will depend on the manufacturer and mattress size. Platform beds are heavier when it comes to weight. You need to ensure to check the measurement of the mattress that will be used on the platform bed and buy one that suits you properly.


  • If you’re searching for extra storage, you have to ensure to see if the platform bed has any built-in compartments or drawers that allow you to keep your belongings dust free.


  • Look for a platform bed that suits your aesthetic, whether it’s vintage-inspired or minimalist. It must also keep with the complete look of your bedroom.


  • When buying a platform bed, you need to consider platforms made from durable, strong materials such as metal or solid wood frames with reinforced joints.


  • Consider the height of the mattress and platform, taking into account how simple it is for you to get in and out of it. The perfect height must offer easy access without the need to sacrifice style or comfort.