Air Gun Safety in England and Wales

Estimated that there are currently over six million air guns and rifles in England and Wales, today we are here to discuss air gun safety, a vital aspect of air gunning and hunting.  Of course the majority of air gun owners already know they should stay safe when suing their gun, but do they know exactly what they can and cannot do. Today we are going to be providing safety tips of two levels,  some tips that absolutely have to be followed and others than should be followed…

First we will list rules that absolutely must be followed. Here goes…

  • When holding an air gun always pay attention to where the muzzle of your gun is facing, ensuring that it is always pointing in a safe direction
  • When using air guns and rifles you must show respect for the countryside, landowners, yourself and others at absolutely all times
  • Before shooting you should always make sure that a safe backdrop is present to capture your pellets
  • Always be considerate of live quarry, only shooting within your abilities and never taking ‘chance’ shots
  • Abide by the law at all times, making sure that you have read up on the law before even purchasing an air gun

Other tips include the following:

  • Before shooting always check with the owner of the land you are planning on shooting in beforehand
  • As well as asking landowners if you can shoot on their land you also must ask them what quarry you may shoot whilst on their land
  • When shooting on private land always respect the owner’s property, livestock and fences, following the Countryside Code at all times
  • Whenever handling an air gun always treat it as though it is loaded (even when you know that it is not) this will help you to avoid accidents
  • As soon as you pick up or are handed an air rifle you should immediately commence to check if it is loaded, being especially careful when checking pneumatic air rifles
  • Before firing an air gun first of all picture where the bullet or pellet is going to go making sur that you are not going to cause any unnecessary damage
  • Always bear in mind the chance of a pellet ricocheting
  • Never should you leave an air gun or rifle unattended or put it down
  • Remember that other shooters will be judged based on your actions so you should set a good impression at all times

These are only some of the basic air gun safety tips too, people should always check out the law before shooting as well as reading their air gun manuals thoroughly. Another good idea is to join a reputable hunting group where you can meet experienced shooters who can then show you the best practices and safety precautions. You can also ask your air gun supplier for further tips and advice.