A Guide to Find the Right Swimsuit for Your Body Type.

Whether you are going on a trip to the beach or for the casual pool day, you will need the comfortable swimwear to enjoy the swimming to the fullest. Choosing the right body suit or swimsuit that complements your body type is a pretty challenging task. No matter which body type you are, whether you are athletic build or thin side, you can pick a classic fit swimsuit for yourself for beach or pool day. You will find numerous men’s designer swim shorts or swim trunks to shop, but it is essential to choose the right one. In this article, we have shortlisted a few points to help buy the perfect swimwear that suits your body type.

Swimsuits are classified according to their length and serve for practical functions as well as designer wear.

The list of types of swimsuits for men is listed below.


Trunks are the swim shorts that are the most popular one and are commonly worn in North America. The Short-like trunks can be the best option for the casual users and average or thin body type. The mens designer swim shorts like trunks are made up of fast-drying materials and offer comfortable swimming.

Board shorts

Board shorts are longer than trunks that come near or just above the knees. As compared to Board shorts they fit closer to the torso and do not have elasticized waist. Board shorts are light-weighted and made up of less material, so they serve great for surfing and paddle boarding.

Swim briefs

The swim briefs are the V-shaped front short length and tight swimsuits. They will bare your thighs and if you feel more confident about your body, and want comfortable swimming you must try swim briefs. Swim briefs are popular swimwear in Europe.

Square-cut Shorts

These shorts are hugging style similar to the swim briefs but will cover almost from waist to upper thighs. They are body fitting, and legs openings are straight across.


You are an expert swimmer or going to participate in some swimming competition then you must go with the jammers that are mostly used by competitive swimmers. They are similar to the bike shorts and are helpful in reducing the drag during the swimming.

Wetsuits and Dry suits

These type of swimwear are used in scuba diving, snorkeling and other kinds of sports. Wetsuits and Dry suits are tight-fitting swimwear.

Rash Guards and Swim Shirts

The Rash Guards are the swimwear’s designed to provide protection against the UV rays. They are made up of UV-reflective fabric and UPF rating and used in board sports. Swim shirts are the upper body wear, and rash guards are all-body swimwear.

So these were some few points to help you buy men’s designer swim shorts or swimsuits.