A Fashionista’s Guide | Designer Bags to Complete Your OOTD

Diamonds are no longer the only women’s best friends—designer handbags have become one, too. They are the most cherished pieces of accesories a woman can own. As a woman yourself, you know that there are many things a woman has to carry in her purse.

Besides a smartphone and a wallet, women love to have their go-to makeup kit, sanitary napkins or tampons, alcohol, and a lot more inside their branded handbags.

That is why if you were to do a quick survey among men about the shoulder bags of their girlfriends, sisters, or mothers, they would all answer the same thing. They are heavy and almost have everything you need in case of an emergency.

However, one shoulder bag does not fit well with all outfits. As a woman, having every type is necessary to be ready for all occasions. But that does not necessarily mean it solves the problem. You should know that pairing designer handbags with outfits are one of the most challenging parts of dressing up.

Even though this shoulder bag and that outfit look great by themselves, they might seem odd as a pair. If you were to wear these around, the fashion police expert might charge you with treason—hurting the eyes of everyone.

To prevent that kind of scenario from happening to you, keep reading. The following details will help you complete the look of your outfit of the day (OOTD) with the right branded handbags.


That is the first thing you should always keep in mind when dressing up for an event that you are about to attend. You should know that no matter how insignificant your plans are, a complete OOTD with the right designer handbags can make you feel and look confident.

Below are a few quick rules of thumb that you should remember.

  • Small bags
    • are for a sophisticated look. That is why they are often great for special events like weddings or birthdays.
  • Large bags
    • They are great for casual events since they often create a laid back look.

If you have a specific event in mind, you can disobey the rule of the thumb above. Just make sure you follow the points below when you dress up.

1. Shopping Sprees

Going to the mall does not need to be classy. A white shirt with jeans or shorts will do the trick, especially if you pair it with one of the oversized designer tote bags,

2. Summer Time

Since it is hot in AP during the summer, you need to pair a light shoulder bag with your summer dress and sandals. With this combination, your summer dress will stand out, making you ready for summer.

3. Office Hours

Even though employees often spend their time sitting in front of the computer, that does not mean being fashionable is part of the equation. For a business look, you may wear a satchel bag for a young-looking vibe. You could also pair your office attire with a leather shoulder bag to create a more dominant look.

4. Night Out

A night out can be two things: a cocktail dress or a long gown. When you are about to attend either type of night out, the designer bags you should get should be small, like a miniature bag. With this, you can enjoy the entire night without worrying about how heavy your purse is.


Besides the type of event, you should also consider your body shape. You should know that your body shape plays a crucial role in making your OOTD and designer bags as perfect as they are.


1. Busty

If you have a large bust, you need to avoid designer bags with saddles that sling over your chest. Otherwise, it will only empathise with your cleavage.

To prevent this, you should opt for a shoulder bag. It will hide your cleavage when you wear it with your OOTD.

2. Hourglass

Having an hourglass shape means all the body’s curves are in the right place. To make your OOTD look complete, you should consider wearing a long, slim designer bag. Doing so will make you look slimmer and taller than you are.

3. Pear-Shaped

It is the opposite of being busty, whereas most of your weight is on your hips. That is why, if that is your body shape, be sure to wear a waist-length bag. Doing so should not put focus on your hips, and your waist area will look slimmer as a result.

4. Petite

Since you are on the smaller side, you should opt for designer handbags that do not overshadow you. A perfect handbag for the description is a cross bag. All you need to do is wrap it around your waist.

5. Tall & Slim

If you are taller than average, you should avoid long and slim bags. Otherwise, you will look like a giraffe. To avoid this, you should wear oversized and rounded types of branded handbags to balance out your tall and slim shape.


There are three rules when it comes to fabric and material of pairing designer handbags with OOTD:

  • They should vary with the colour you are wearing.
  • They have different materials.
  • Mix with a different pattern.

By following these rules of thumb, you are ready to mix and match your designer handbags and OOTD. As a result, you are already ready to attend any occasion.

Need Help Completing Your OOTD?

If you still cannot grasp how to complete an OOTD with the right branded handbags, it may be best to rely on experts. They can help you choose the right designer handbags for your OOTDs and give you a more confident look at all times!

Therefore, when you think you need help choosing the right branded bags for your OOTD, let Louis Vuitton from AP lend you a hand. Their fashion police will send you a few recommendations that suit your budget and chosen look.

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