9 Popular Gifts From FlowerAura That Have Won Numerous Hearts

When it comes to making special celebration plans, whether it is a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, wedding, you are sure to put getting the best gifts to your list of plans. But how do you make a pick of awesome gifts that not only touch the heart but also become a souvenir of your love?

That is why, we are sharing the most popular gifts from Flower Aura that have always been on top of the gifting list. They are highly rated and have been bought on repeat by thousands of buyers. Let’s have a look at these most loved gifts of all times.

  1. Heart Shaped Rose Bouquet

Roses have always been ranked as one of the best expressions of love. No matter what the occasion is, a bunch of roses never fails in making your greetings warm and more love-filled. The heart shaped rose bouquet from FlowerAura is one of the most popular choices that you can definitely go for with no second thoughts.

  1. Red Velvet Cake

Talk about the cake that has recently risen to popularity and Red Velvet is the answer. If you want to shift from the traditional popular cakes like vanilla, butterscotch and black forest but feel too tentative about other choices, go for the most voted and delicious red velvet cake that is perfect to add a pop of colour to your celebration.

  1. Money Plant

Money plant has been a famous gifting option because it clearly conveys good luck and positive wishes. When you are gifting money plants, they won’t even take a second to recognize your deep love, care and good thoughts for the recipient.

  1. Pyramid Lamp

Being one of the few recent introductions, it’s amazing how personalized lamps have managed to grab eyeballs in a short span of time. The personalized lamps are romantic and extremely expressive of your thoughts and efforts for your dear ones. You can gift it to your parents or your significant other and it will always remain as a great reminder of your love.

  1. Mixed Flower Basket

Mixed flower bouquets available at FlowerAura are usually preferred because they are fit for all occasions. You don’t have to over think about any unique message they are conveying like the number of roses or orchids do but will always express your happy wishes, irrespective of the kind of occasion.

  1. 2-Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant

Bamboo plants are a go-to option if you want to send your good wishes and happy thoughts. It stands for happiness, long life and wealth. You can opt for double layer bamboo plant which is ideally preferred for occasions like baby shower, Parents’ Day, Teachers’ Day, Rakhsabandhan, New Year etc.

  1. Personalized Mugs

Planning something personalized is always like going an extra mile in love. The hot seller personalized mugs by FlowerAura include birthday mugs, couple photo mugs, Rakshabandhan mugs etc. The digitally designed mugs with a personal quote make them all the more gift-worthy.

  1. Chocolate Bouquet

Whether it’s your parents, sister or wife, you have most likely gifted chocolates to them on one or the other occasion. Chocolate bouquets, evidently, are innovative gifts that manage to make your expression unique and grand. Ferrero rocher chocolate bouquet is the bestseller from this category.

  1. Couple Teddy Bears

Soft toys have been a part of traditional gifting idea and we believe, they will always remain one of the best gifting options. They are highly popular as Valentine’s Day gifts and birthday gifts between couples. Couple teddies, for that matter, have received the highest votes because they are believed to be more expressive in conveying the mutual love.