7 Useful Tips To Make Your Baby Walk On Her Own

Every parent is eager to watch her baby walking. Walking is a very important stage in a baby’s growth. And therefore, the earlier the baby learns to walk, the better it is.

If a parent wishes to see his baby walking, he should have patience. Trying to make the baby walk forcibly can actually harm baby’s health.

However, we can always encourage the baby to walk. Instead of holding the baby by her/his arms and trying to walk them, you can do certain tricks that will attract kids and an urge for getting up and walking will grow in them.

Making such an indirect attempt won’t harm the baby. Instead, it will bring upon a healthy growth of muscles and bones.

Here are a few useful tips that will not only help you make your baby walk but also will delight you greatly with your baby’s efforts.

1. Understand the Right Time

At around 9 to 12 months, babies usually try to pull themselves for standing. You’ll see that your baby tries to hold anything that s/he can grip firmly, e.g. a chair or a couch or even your leg, that will help her to stand.

However, for some babies standing and walking comes in their life much later. You should not be discouraged if your baby isn’t trying to stand or walk. Instead you should encourage him gently.

Actually you can have a lot of fun with your baby by providing him supportive and safe opportunities to practise. Sooner or later, you’ll get the joy of seeing your baby trying to walk.

2. Encouraging Standing

Remember that your baby will wish to stand and walk only if she will have enough muscle strength in her core, legs and hips. This will happen when the baby will sit, roll and crawl. Hence try to encourage these activities.

3. Encouraging Cruising

If you want to see your baby cruising, you can buy a lot of attractive toys from https://www.tinytinyshopshop.com.au and keep them out of the baby’s reach but not very far, so that he should feel that he can grab them.

To get the toys he’ll try to cruise and his stamina of standing will increase, along with strengthening thigh and hip muscles.

4. Keep the Baby Barefoot

It’s recommended by pediatric therapist to keep babies barefoot as long as possible. This is because babies depend on the ‘feel’ of the ground to guide them and adjust their balance as required.

Various surfaces need different uses of muscles, joints and postures and when babies can’t feel it because of their shoes, this learning process is hampered.

5. Encouraging Squatting

You should pay particular attention to your baby’s squatting because this is an activity that will provide a great support in standing on her own. A trick to encourage this is to place toys at her feet while she is supported by a piece of furniture or wall and tell her to pick them up.

While picking the toys up, there will be up and down motion which will strengthen her thigh and hip muscles.

6. Encourage Up and Down Movements Further

You can encourage your baby’s up and down movements further by placing the toys on an upper surface where he can reach out with just a little effort.

7. Push Along Toys

You can get durable push along toys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop which are great to encourage your baby to walk.

Do these tricks to make your baby stand on her own and not by force. This will bring about healthy growth in your child and you will become a proud parent of a healthy baby.