7 Most Adorable Shoulder Length Haircuts to Enhance Your Bob

There is no doubt that bob haircut is amongst the favorite haircuts of world. If you are also sporting a bob from sometime, you might be looking to enhance it. Another reason might be to look different from the crowd because whichever part of the world you are, you will find many women around you sporting bob or shoulder length haircuts.

Here are 7 of the most adorable styles which will enhance your bob and make you outsmart all your peers.

1. Colored As Chocolate Brown Along With Bangs and Choppy Layers Wavy Hair

This look has much to offer. With this you will get an overall length which is manageable. No matter you have some choppy layers or a bedhead-inspired, messy style. This will enhance your looks. Moreover, anyone can easily achieve this. The best thing about this style is the lavish chocolate brown color.

2.   Shoulder-Length Bob in Brown Color With Caramel Highlights

Those people who can easily handle a curling hair won’t face any trouble in getting this look. To get the amazing, looping locks is very easy because you will only be using hair’s bigger sections in iron. The women who are not familiar with the curling iron or who do not have naturally curly or wavy hair might have to practice a bit to get perfection. But keeping all things aside, the chunky highlights in caramel look much better than simply chunky layers.


3.      Wavy Blonde Bob of Taylor Swift Along With Full Bangs

The beautiful oatmeal-colored hairs of Taylor Swift are on the bulky side, so a choppy bob here is a bit unrecognizable. But the waves of her hair still look very good in the choppy bob. Her oval shaped face is perfectly complemented when her full bangs brush the eyes. When she uses a red lipstick with her hairstyle, she gets nothing but a perfect look.

4.      Stunning Ombre Auburn Lob Along With Bangs

This is one of the most exciting look and the color is not at all responsible. Well, the deep and intense auburn hue is lovable, it is the choppy layers which bring vibrancy to this haircut. The layers are precisely complimented with big curls.

5.    Choppy Ends and Soft Red Ombre Color for Linear Dark Hair

In this style, the most attractive thing is the contrast of hair color from dark brown towards an orangey-red (light). This style is set apart by super-textured, funky ends. This is a spiced up look for all those people who like to maintain status quo.

6.    Full Bangs and Choppy Layers for Medium Length Brown Lobs

The shoulder length haircuts along with the soft curls and chunky layers offer incredible movement to enhance the looks. The additional bonus with this long and full bang is that hair can be pushed to side while operating heavy machines or driving.

7.    Purple Highlights in a Curly Black Bob

Although the bold and fresh purple highlights in this haircut steals the show, the different layers throughout lets the color shine. The other interesting thing in this style is thick curls.