Did you think that one of the magical moments of your life was when your husband got down on his knees to propose to you? Well, the days that lead up to your wedding day would surely catch you off guard in the best way possible.

When the wedding preparations are kicked off, and everything seems to be going out of control, you’d want to use voucher bucket to run all those pesky errands. Once you know for sure that the chores will be completed effectively, you can focus on a positive mindset and try to prepare to look your best on your wedding day.

Are you wondering where you can get started? Don’t worry because reading this article would offer you the best beauty guidance that you could ever hope to get for your big day!

  1. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Processed foods and sodium rich food items and sugar should be banned from your life unless you happen to like bloating and excess belly fat. Fruits, green vegetables and gallons of water are what you need to be buying on your trip to the supermarket. These will keep your skin supple and your heart carefree. All the pre-wedding jitters might have tempted you to reach out for that packet filled with sweet treats more often than you’d like to admit. But we hope that our advice would give you that boost to say “NO!” when it’s required.

  1. Manage Stress like a Pro

Each one of us has a specific outlet through which we release our stress—be it reading a book, meditating, listening to music or engaging in a workout. Find what works for you and try to take breaks from the wedding planning and breathe in all the magic surrounding you. We know it’s only natural to feel there’s a lot to be done and not enough time to do them in. But keeping in mind that the ceremony is meant to be a celebration of lifelong happiness should help in keeping you sane and stress-free.

  1. Whiten those Pearly Whites

You are the bride. Of course, you are allowed to indulge in vanity without any judgement! Ten years down the line, the only things that you would remember about your wedding would be from the gorgeous photographs. The last thing that you would want in such circumstances is coffee-stained teeth. Use whitening strips or make an appointment with your dentist and they will do the necessary deed six months before your wedding.

Pro tip: The trick is to know not to go overboard. A gap of six months between the whitening procedure and the wedding ceremony would ensure that your teeth don’t look too white and artificial.

  1. Test Run is the Name of the Game

You have no idea how quickly everything can turn into a disaster when you find out that you are not on the same page as your makeup artist and hair stylist on your wedding day. The only thing you can do to salvage your appearance is by scheduling a mock makeup and hairstyling session before your wedding. Be vocal about makeup and hairstyling trends that you love and hate and point out the things that you would want to be done differently. It might seem small and inconsequential now, but you’ll be glad you went that extra mile on the day that your efforts would count!

  1. Set Realistic (and Achievable) Goals

Make this your mantra—Being hard on yourself and holding yourself up to an idealistic image is a very bad idea. Don’t set unrealistic goals like undergoing a significant weight loss transformation or making a drastic change in your lifestyle. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and although planning in advance can help you get what you seek, not succeeding should not force you down the whirlpool of mental breakdown. Balance and a lifestyle guided by routine are what you should aspire to achieve.

  1. Pack a No-Disaster Bag

What’s a “No-Disaster Bag” you ask? It’s something that would ensure that you are prepared for all the worst-case scenarios that might pose a menace to the success of your wedding day. Pack all essentials into a bag, and you’ll be good to go—think of breath mints, a small makeup kit, a bottle of inexpensive perfume, hairspray, nail polish.

Always keep in mind that your appearance is just one part of the wedding. Don’t compromise on the enjoyment due to unnecessary worries. For the rest, we hope that these tips would help you feel confident and radiant while you are walking down the aisle!