5 Useful Maintenance Tips for Your Electric Fryer

Frying is one of the most common and tedious tasks in every household. All types of Indian dishes require some form of frying. That is why having an electric fryer to ease up your tasks is a wise decision. But an electric fryer, like all appliances, needs some sort of maintenance for prolonged and functional operation.

If you have an electric fryer at your home or are planning to purchase one, you should know how to maintain this extremely useful home appliance. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use for maintaining your electric fryer:

  • Always Unplug the Fryer before Cleaning:

It’s a good practice to unplug any home appliance before cleaning. If you start cleaning before unplugging the fryer, you run the risk of getting a shock. This shock could be lethal also. Therefore, never try to clean the fryer before unplugging it.

  • Don’t Use Any Metallic Objects or Abrasive Cleaners to Clean the Fryer:

Electric fryers work on electricity and using metallic cleaners might disrupt its inner functionality. Metallic cleaners also cause scratches and other kinds of dents in the delicate inner parts of the electric fryers. The use of abrasive cleaners would also have a similar effect. You can use a dry or wet cloth while cleaning the inner pot so that the coating of the pot doesn’t get damaged. That coating protects the fryer from getting any kind of rust or frying damage that happens to the conventional fryers. Therefore, to keep the coating intact and prolong the life of the fryer, you should never use metallic objects or abrasive cleaners to clean the fryer innards.

  • Ensure That You Clean the Lids Properly and There Should Not Be Any Kind of Blockages To It:

Blockages are a really dangerous thing when it comes to electric fryers. The lid has openings to let excess heat out to avoid any kind of pressure that develops while frying food. As electric fryers are automatically operated, it is important that these openings stay free from any kind of blockages or it might cause a problem in the functioning of the fryer. Cleaning the lid properly also prolongs the life of your appliance. Therefore, ensure that the lid is properly cleaned.

  • Don’t Immerse the Body of the Electric Fryer in Water or Rinse under Tap:

Since it is an electrical appliance, you should not run it under water under any circumstance. Wait for the oil to cool down before you try to clean or perform any kind of maintenance operation. Don’t try to cool down the fryer by placing it under running water. It might damage the electric circuits and render it completely useless.

  • Wash the Inner Pot from Inside and Not From Outside:

The outside of the pot is sensitive and not properly protected. You should not try to wash the outside of the pot as water might seep in and damage your pot. Therefore, for prolonged life of your electric fryer, always clean and wash the inner pot from inside and not from outside.

Follow these simple maintenance tips and keep your electric fryer as good as new for as long as possible. Most fryers like Kent Fryer come with a user manual, which you can refer to for cleaning instructions. After all, it is an important home appliance in your kitchen arsenal.