5 Unique Ways to say Happy Mother’s Day to your Mother

A mother is the first special woman in everybody’s life. From carrying her child in her womb to nurturing it after birth, a mother can do anything, be anything and go to any length for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of her child. Hence, on this year’s Mother’s Day, give her a token of your affection and appreciation with the help of these unique gifts, flowers and cakes, for all that she has done for you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

 It is the International Mother’s Day that celebrates glorious motherhood all over the world, hence, before anything else, you must wish her on this special day. Even though you may keep telling her that you love her every other day, saying it on this day will affect her specially.

Unique ways to say Happy Mother’s Day to your Mother

Mother’s Day should be all about pleasing your mother. As sweet as your mother is, you might want to shower her endlessly with sweets and chocolates. If you want to be creative and want to treat your mother extra specially this year, here are 5 unique ways to say Happy Mother’s Day to your mother:

  1. Make her Breakfast in Bed

Remember how your mom used to wake you up every morning so you reached school on time? This Mother’s Day make your mom her favorite breakfast dishes, and serve her breakfast in bed, complete with a flower and handwritten greeting card.

  1. Take her out for Lunch

Having a lunch with your mother is especially beautiful because it is usually that meal of the day that she rarely gets to eat with her family, due to work or school. Take her out for a special lunch where you do something special, like having the restaurant staff present her with your special Mother’s Day gift or card or even grander, have them sing a song for her!

  1. A warm Mother’s Day Cake

Cakes say celebrations unlike anything else. Get your mother a luxurious specially baked Mother’s Day cake that will without fail bring a smile on her face. There are hundreds of styles and types of cakes now available in bakeries and gift shops across the world, both online and offline.

  1. Personalized Jewelry

Every woman loves jewelry, and your mother will specially love it if you gift her with a jewelry piece that you’ve had personalized with a personal message or greeting, like an inscription or engraving. There are endless options of classic to contemporary, designer jewelry pieces available online for you to choose from.

  1. Plan a family trip

This option might not seem like such a unique idea, but it will depend on the place you choose to take your family to. Choose such a place that will be enjoyable for everyone in your family, so that you may spend most of the time with your mother as possible.

Apart from these, there are many, many ideas for Mother’s Day gifts for your mother, such as gift hampers, potted greens, hobby kits for gardening and herb growing, fine dining crockery, knitting yarn and tools, photo frames and books.