5 Things To Know About Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana has been used by people all over the world as a recreational drug as well as for medical purposes. It is known to have psychoactive effects like relaxation, euphoria and is recommended for patients with anxiety, depression, etc. Marijuana is however only legal in certain parts of the world. Marijuana is commonly known as weed. One can grow a huge number of variations of marijuana with weed seeds or marijuana seeds. Listed below are a few things one must know about marijuana seeds.

  • GENDER: Cannabis or marijuana plants have genders. Although one cannot distinguish whether a seed is male or female, once the plant grows, you can differentiate between a male and female plant. Most of the high potency marijuana flowers available at medical stores are of the female variety and are seedless. There is a 50:50 chance that a plant growing from a particular seed is male or female. However, there are some seeds that produce male and female plants simultaneously.

  • AVAILABILITY: You will not find marijuana seeds by looking through a sub marijuana plant. These seeds are hard to find and, like most other plants, will not grow properly into a plant just like that. There are some marijuana seed vendors in the United States of America. Often they promise worldwide shipping. However, if it is illegal in your country, then these seeds might be held up by the customs. Marijuana seeds in the US are sold only in the states where cannabis is legal.

  • QUALITY: Similar to other plants, there are marijuana breeders that put in a lot of effort into breeding and cross-breeding these plants to develop high quality plants. The genetics of the seed decide the plant quality. Fat round seeds are supposedly the best seeds for growing marijuana plants. One must store the seeds in a cool, dry place to prevent fungus from growing on it hence destroying the seed. Pale green or white seeds must also be avoided as they are not matured and will not grow into a plant. You can also store these seeds in the refrigerator if you plan to store them for over a year and a half.

  • GROWING: Marijuana plants are extremely easy to grow. They sprout even if carelessly thrown away without too much attention to them. This is why sometimes you can find marijuana growing on sidewalks or backyards. However, for a proper, high quality plant, it is recommended that you give it more attention than leaving it to its own devices. Like most plants sow it in a good moist pot with warm soil. You can also pre-soak and germinate the seeds before transferring it to a pot or soil. There are various videos and blogs available on the internet to find the best way to grow plants from these marijuana seeds.

  • NUTRITION: Cannabis seeds are extremely beneficial to the human body. Hemp seeds which are a type of variation of marijuana seeds are a lot cheaper than cannabis seeds and are thus a better option if you want to eat these seeds. They contain the perfect combination of omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9 and are essential for the human body as we ourselves do not produce it.


Keeping marijuana seeds in the US is legal in some states but germinating them is not. Please be aware of all the rules as well the effects of these seeds before consuming them or keeping them in your possession.