5 Steps to Motivate Yourself to Organize

Organization and motivation are intimately linked concepts. Indeed, being well organized improves motivation while a bad organization will undoubtedly annihilate your motivation. 

Conversely, if you are not motivated, it will be hard for you to move towards the goals you set for yourself. There’s even a good chance you’ll never get there (without wanting to be pessimistic). 
To be disorganized is to leave the door open to the unexpected, you have no control over your schedule, you are constantly under pressure, to run in all directions.

The good news is that by organizing you, you will find and maintain your motivation. And the more motivated you are, the happier you will be organized. A virtuous circle then engages.


So how do you get off to a good start in this virtuous circle?

Step #1: Get an agenda and a notebook

You can use the electronic diary of your smartphone or any other paper diary. Ditto for the notebook. You will note in your agenda all the things to do on a specific date, appointments, meetings, etc. And in your notebook, you’ll note all your daily tasks, your ideas, your shopping list, etc.

Step #2: List things to organize in your home and office

Proceed piece by piece. If you feel overwhelmed, you can help yourself by putting things in writing to make it easier for you to get the motivation you need to start a new organization. And who says new organization, says new motivation!

Step #3: Create a second list of things to organize in your life, such as managing the family budget. 

We lose our motivation because we are overwhelmed and do not know where to start. To advance more easily, put all the chances on your side, to organize you, to be ordered and to remain so.

Step #4: Cut large projects into small projects

This makes it easier to keep track of changes and what needs to be done. For example, if you want to rearrange your bathroom, start by “bringing back the expired medicines to the pharmacy”, “storing the jewelry drawer”, “decluttering the bath linen”, “cleaning the brushes and hair clips”, “getting a Living.ca living room organizer to help you organize your living room”, etc. Proceed cabinet by cabinet, drawer by drawer.

Step #5: Clear the tasks on your list when they are finished

This will give you a sense of satisfaction and motivate you to continue. Your list should contain big and small tasks. Thus, you will be able to scratch at least one task a day.