5 Redecorating Tips for the Master Bedroom

Your bedroom, whether you share it with your partner or have the luxury of taking up as much space as you want in bed, should be a place of serenity and tranquility, and as such, a re-design may be required.

With this in mind, here are five redecorating trips for the master bedroom.

  • Layers of Lighting

Lighting is an incredibly important element to think about when re-designing your master bedroom, and by far the best way to ensure your bedroom can be a place to read in the morning during a lie-in, a romantic place to be with your partner, and also a room conducive to a good night’s sleep. 

Flexible lighting options, such as dimmer switches and string fairy lights, make for a beautiful aesthetic and provides the opportunity to change the lighting style to suit your mood. 

  • Eye-Catching Furniture

Regardless of the size of your bedroom space, it is highly unlikely that this is the room you choose to eat your dinner, catch-up on work e-mails on the computer or have your friends round for a movie night.

For this reason, you have much more scope when choosing statement pieces of furniture as, besides the bed itself, you are not bound by matters of function and practicality. Instead, let yourself express your personality and creative side by investing in a statement piece of furniture from esteemed ligne roset Hampstead designer. 

  • Create a Meditative Space

Contrary to what many people think, especially those who were around in the swinging sixties, meditation is certainly not another word for free love and hippie ideology, and moreover is a form of treatment effective specifically in reducing feelings of anxiety and stress.

As the bedroom should be where you feel most at one with yourself and truly relaxed, creating a nook in the corner of the room covered in cozy throws and cushions and an oil diffuser with various fragrance options would be an excellent addition to the space. 

  • Floor Space

Finally, the fourth most important thing to remember when re-designing your bedroom to convey a more relaxing and intimate vibe is to leave the floor space as clutter-free as you possibly can.

Obviously, after the longest day imaginable at work and then going straight to parents’ evening before a meal with the family, you will understandably not be in the mood to pop round with the vacuum. Instead, try and only keep things in your bedroom that you need in that room, leaving the floor as clear as possible

  • Ignore Fashion Trends

In the same way that clothing trends come and go, and there is certainly no fashion trend that suits absolutely everyone, the same can definitely be said for interior design trends too.

Pay no attention to a trending design aesthetic if you cannot imagine anything worse than a baby pink bedspread (for example) and instead follow your instincts when choosing the décor for your new and improved bedroom.