5 Possible Reasons Explaining Why We Lose Our Sunglasses

Your typical wholesale sunglasses distributor loves the American consumer. So do eyewear manufacturers and retailers. Why? Because we have a bad habit of losing our sunglasses on a regular basis. Some of us have to buy new shades several times per year because we cannot seem to keep track of the last pair we bought.

The tendency to lose sunglasses is a phenomenon not seen with many other consumer products. Let’s face it, how often have you been forced to buy a new cell phone because you misplaced the one you had? How many of us run out to buy insulated coffee mugs four or five times every year? There is just something about sunglasses that make them easy to lose.

Olympic Eyewear distributes wholesale sunglasses for men, women, and children. They offer the following five possible explanations:

1. Most Sunglasses Are Cheap

With the possible exception of luxury brands, your average pair of sunglasses is comparatively cheap. You can buy the cheapest pairs at pharmacies and big-box department stores for under $20. Even off-brand products from Olympic are very affordable.

What does this have to do with losing them? Perhaps we aren’t as careful about our sunglasses as we should be because they can be replaced so inexpensively. And yet, that doesn’t explain losing brands like Oakley and Ray-Ban.

2. They Pair Well with Carelessness

It could be that some of us frequently lose our sunglasses because they pair very well with carelessness. Careless people tend to do things without thinking. They often do things without paying attention. That lines right up with losing things.

A careless person might set down their sunglasses without actually paying attention to doing so. It is just as easy to get up, walk away, and leave them sitting there. A second thought isn’t given until hours later, when the person needs those shades again.

3. They Are Synonymous with Activity

Rarely are sunglasses used in the absence of some sort of activity. Whether it’s driving, playing golf or fishing, most of us are actively engaged in something while sunglasses are in use. All of that activity is an open door to loss. For instance, some lost sunglasses are not misplaced, they are lost to the depths of the sea by desperate anglers trying to bring the big kahuna on board. Anglers dropping sunglasses into the water is a frequent occurrence.

4. Some of Us Keep More Than One Pair

Some of us keep more than one pair so that we can leave them in different locations. There is one pair for the car, another for the significant other’s car, and still another left on the dresser for when you’re out doing yard work. Here’s the thing: every pair of sunglasses is another pair that can be lost. The more pairs you own, the more likely you will lose one of them.

5. We Lead Busy Lives

Perhaps some of us frequently lose our sunglasses because we lead such busy lives. So much running back and forth leaves us frazzled and wondering which way is up. If that’s the kind of life you lead, you know how easy it is to misplace things. Maybe your sunglasses aren’t the only thing you have to replace multiple times per year. Perhaps you lose just about everything that isn’t tied down.

Manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and retailers love the fact that American consumers are constantly losing their sunglasses. Our penchant for displacing our shades keeps them busy producing and selling tens of millions of pairs every year. It is an amazing thing to behold.