5 New Year’s Eve Party Preparation and Planning Ideas

Unlike Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays,New Year’s Eve is not often considered a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate. New Year’s parties are generally for anyone and everyone who wants to attend. However, it can be a family and friends time to come together to eat and enjoy. Nevertheless, it can be a bit challenging to plan and prepare compared to the rest. This is because other holidays have a theme (for example Christmas with Father Christmas, Easter with Easter eggs and bunnies, and Thanksgiving with turkey).

While on the other hand, New Year celebrations are generally about a 10-second countdown to midnight. No matter the case, if you are looking forward to planning for a New Year’s party this season, but you have no idea of how to go about the whole process; below are preparation and planning ideas that will help you entertain your family and friends.

1. Food Preparation

Food is an important part of any party and generally makes any occasion successful. As such, the first thing to consider and prepare is food. However, the amount of food and the type generally depends on the guests coming to the party. This is where you need an accurate or estimated number of people you expect to attend your New Year’s party. This technique will help you become extremely flexible with the food. For example, if you are expecting a small gathering, then you should consider preparing a full meal along with gifts from the likes of Silver and Pewter Gifts.

At the same time, if you are expecting a huge gathering, then you should consider having various types of sweets, desserts, and spicy bites for the guests. Food Network’s New Year’s Eve recipes is a place you will get ideas.

2. The Playlist

Due to advancement in technology and the availability of many streaming services, creating a playlist has become very easy. This is because today you can alter the kind of music you want your guests to listen to. However, before creating a playlist, you have to consider the age group of your guests. For example, if your guests are of about age 25, then you should consider trending music.

If a majority of your guests are parents and older people, then your playlist should be appropriate to them. With a mixed party of different age groups, you should create a wide range of music options to keep everyone happy.

3. Party Games

To enhance the experience of the party, you should consider including party games. Nevertheless, it is wise to note that party games vary depending on guests. What does this mean? Well, if it is a whole family based New Year’s party, then you should consider board games that are interesting for everyone. If the party is for adults, drinking games would be appropriate. Even poker is a good game to play.

4. The Global New Year’s

The thing that makes New Year’s Eve holiday party interesting is the fact that it great for all age groups (kids and adults). At the time, the difference in time zones has given people the opportunity to know how other countries are celebrating their New Year’s. For this reason, you can celebrate with them. For example, Germany may celebrate their new at 11.00 pm London time, Moscow Russia at 9 pm London time and so on.

Celebrating early New Year’s is a great opportunity to involve kids that cannot stay up until midnight. Another benefit is that you can borrow the theme of that country in terms of foods and drinks.

5. Alternative Party

Remember, New Year’s parties do not have a general theme like other parties. As such, if you want to try something different, you can with ease. You can go for alternatives like having a dinner party. On the other hand, if you are not good at cooking or other forms of party preparation, you can opt for a movie marathon with those close to you. This option only needs a list of movies, crisps, chips, popcorn, and some drinks.

Remember, you can also enjoy with your family and friends with old board games. At the same time, you can decide to have a dressing party. All in all, a New Year’s party does not have a theme, and as such, it offers flexibility in terms of options. Having a Game of Thrones or Downtown Abbey party is also an option.