4 Toys To Aid Learning Process Among Kids

You can’t say no to toys for a kid. The toys make the world for them. It is something they live for. Right from the time when an infant is in the cradle a number of color toys are kept hanging on the top so that they can see it move. That is the time when their vision is developing. In the next stage, they learn to hold a toy to affirm their gripping capacity. Subsequently, they start chewing toys when their teething process starts. Just in this way, a child grows up little by little one hand held to the parents or the primary care givers and the other hand holding a toy.

A toy is the only tool a child uses to explore and comprehend the world around him. As long as he has a toy in his hand he will keep learning. It is the first proof of the fact that learning process for a child is essentially experiential. Toys help in enhancing the physical abilities, mental and cognitive skills as well as language and social skills. There are plenty of options to buy kid’s toys online. Kids toy manufacturers are putting their best efforts to use non toxic materials for making toys.

Threading Beads

Threading beads is a very powerful and engaging toy for toddlers. Picking colorful beads and putting them in a thread one by one helps to enhance their concentration power. Upon completion of the act, they get a sense of fulfillment of being able to make something constructive. At one point if you find them threading beads, at the next moment you will find them scattering the beads all over the places. Then they will again collate them all and start beading all over again. Even the scattered state is some kind of a shape or form to them. This is the time when they are forming opinion about everything. It is best to be a playmate rather than giving instruction or controlling them which may interfere in their learning process.

Stacking Games

Building blocks and stacking games is a very essential tool for increasing concentration as well as fuels imagination in a child. To begin with toddler will find their life’s bliss in the fact that they can fix two parts together and then pull it apart. Gradually as they grow up they will start making shapes, cars, trains and even houses. This helps in developing the motor skills and keeps the brain active. That is the reason this game is recommended even for the elders.

Tool Kit

Have you ever noticed how excited a child get whenever you have some repair work in your house. The electricians and plumbers using their tools to dismantle things in the household entice their imagination. When a switch board is screwed open, they are amazed with the fact that this cover space could have so many things inside it. They want to take their imagination forward in order to explore the world around them and the learning process will continue in its natural way.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are again one of those brain exercises that are recommended even for elders. They are the best in promoting hand to eye coordination among children. However, this game appeals to kids beyond three to four years of age. Finding all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and putting them in order one by one to make a complete picture requires patience, persistence and concentration. If your child takes interest in this game, he is already showing spark of being a genius.