4 lehenga designs recommended by fashion designers!

Desi aesthetics are taking over the fashion realm in India like anything. With the rise in demand for stylish Indian clothing, we see fashion designers constantly coming with new lehenga designs, kurta silhouettes, saree styles and so on. But today’s focus is on lehengas for women. The classic silhouettes and traditional colour schemes of wedding and festive lehengas have undergone several tweaks to meet the demands of modern women. This has led to the emergence of new lehenga designs. In this blog, we will be taking you through the top four lehenga designs for women that are trendy and inspired from the latest collection of famous Indian fashion designers.

  • Colour-BlockLehenga 

Many designers are exploring the potential of the color blocking trend in lehengas These lehengas for women feature colour-block patterns that give you an eye-catching look at any occasion. They are available in a plethora of colours in the market, so you can pick what suits you the best.

  • Three-piece lehenga

One of the newest trends in lehenga fashion for 2023 is this style. The design is straightforward; there is a duo of top and lehenga skirt, which comes with a matching or contrasting jacket.

  • Lehengas featuring a contrasting dupatta

Try adding a contrasting dupatta to add interest to your monochrome dress, rather than sticking to plain lehengas. You can try different colour combinations by and create as many looks you wish out of one lehenga. 

  • Panelled Lehengas

Multi-coloured lehengas are the most sought-after lehenga styles that cannot go wrong with. These lehengas for women have horizontal panels of fabric in different colours that accentuate your look like no other.. For wedding ceremonies, you can choose to wear a variety of colours or stick with a single shade inside the panels.


Buying Guide to Shop Lehengas for Women

  1. Decide the Design: 

Depending on your needs or the occasion you’re buying the lehenga for, choose a design that resonates the best with you and your personality. 

  • Set the budget

Set aside money specifically for your designer lehenga(s). As a result, shortlisting shops and designers that meet your budget will be simpler.

  • Conduct in-depth research.

Browse through the most recent collections and designs from your favourite designers to get a general notion of what is and is not in style.

  • Recognize your bridal fashion.

You’ll come across many designs and designer lehengas for women when conducting your thorough investigation that will immediately attract your attention. Just be sure to take a screenshot of them or save them so you can see what kind of bridal fashion you are drawn to.

  • Select a colour that works.

Don’t just choose a red lehenga out of habit, as other brides do. Every year, fashion experts come with new colour ranges and combinations, so do give them a try too..

  • Pay attention to external factors (eg: weather).

Make sure to consider the weather conditions when selecting lehenga for any occasion. Consider using textiles like velvet and raw silk if the function is in winter. However, if the event is in the summer, you can choose soft and breathable fabrics like chiffon, georgette, etc. 

That’s it. Now that you have a buying guide and are aware of the latest lehenga designs, nothing can stop you from being the showstopper of any event, be it weddings, festivals.