4 Common Mistakes When Choosing An Air Purifier In Singapore

In this day and age, when pollution and viruses are looming, having an air purifier for each Singapore home is crucial. Air purifiers help eliminate air particles, such as dust and harmful substances that could cause respiratory diseases and trigger asthma and allergy. It also removes odour and viruses in the air.

Having an air purifier for your home is truly incredible but make sure not to make these mistakes when choosing one:

MISTAKE #1: Relying on advertising

Everyone would brand their air filter as the best air purifier in Singapore, but some advertisements are not true to themselves. The first mistake people make is relying on advertising alone.

Research is a way to determine whether or not the air purifier truly possesses the qualities and capabilities the brand advertises.

MISTAKE #2: Forgetting about the filters

There are different types of filters for air purifiers, such as activated carbon, UV, electrostatic, and a HEPA filter in Singapore. These filters have unique capabilities. For example, HEPA and electrostatic filters can eliminate dust particles in the air. Activated carbon can neutralise odours. UV filters claim to kill viruses in the air.

MISTAKE #3: Forgetting about maintenance cost

People should not consider the upfront cost of the air purifier for formaldehyde alone. They should also keep in mind the maintenance cost. The maintenance frequency depends on the filter type and the environment of the air purifier. For example, if the air purifier is near an industrial site where the amount of dust particles is higher, the maintenance and cleaning should be more frequent.

MISTAKE #4: Thinking houseplants can replace your air purifier

Plants are known to filter air and convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. People think house plants can make up for the incompetence of a low-quality air purifier in Singapore. Remember, a few houseplants don’t have the same air-cleaning capabilities as air filters.

Keep these things in mind and make sure not to make these mistakes.

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