3 Ways to Shop Smarter in 2019

Shopping smart is always a chase. Stores offer competitive deals all over the place, and knowing the best ways to take advantage of those deals is key. When thinking of ways to monopolize on great deals and shopping strategies, head to the internet first. The best thing about living in 2018/2019 is that e-commerce sites can cut costs by selling only online. There are competitive prices for nearly everything in the market. Take these tips when looking to shop cheaper and smarter in the New Year.

The days of thrifting are getting more competitive, so do your research

Thrifting used to be less popular and more of a cheap option to scoring on great clothing options. Now, it has become more popular and sometimes can mean unassuming customers get ripped off. There are “high-end” thrift shops that sell cool T-shirts for four times the cost that they were originally. This almost defeats the purpose of thrifting altogether. Make sure to check your prices and your thrift store before making a purchase.

The other thing is that the rise of competition on e-commerce sites is causing places to sell clothes cheaper online. So you might be better off heading to a cheap e-commerce website and getting a new lower-priced shirt than heading to a thrift store and paying double just for the coolness factor.

Refurbished sites can help you score on excellent deals

Take a look on Amazon return auctions to find the expensive appliances that you have been wanting. These refurbished-goods sites are great places to check regularly for when a deal pops up. You can often find appliances and other goods from top retailers. You also can find things to purchase in bulk if you own a store and are looking for new merchandise. This is a cheap and effective way to shop and pay less than your competitors.

Refurbished sites offer products that might have been Amazon returns or extra fridges that weren’t sold at Target. You can really luck out and find just what you have been looking for at a fraction of the cost. Shopping smarter in 2019 means cross-referencing the deals on these refurbished sites and other areas online. Don’t forget to check everywhere!

Cross-reference purchases before making an ultimate decision

Making sure to compare all of your purchasing choices is the most essential part  of smart shopping in 2019. You want to know exactly what item you are looking for and what you are willing to pay for it. Then, head online to do research. Check refurbished-goods sites, eBay, department stores, and e-commerce sites. You might be surprised that the price often varies per platform, depending on the item. In 2019, technology will help you get the best price for an item through a simple web search.

The thing that many people neglect is that many news articles highlight what the best shops are for certain items. These are often seen more during holidays, but there are deals year-round in the current state of the shopping market. Make sure to do your research! Cross-referencing constantly changing prices on a variety of sites can be overwhelming. Some people would rather find a site that they trust that works for them and stick with that, which is another viable option.

Shopping is better than ever with all the choices. We can only take advantage of the sites that we know about when looking for the best deal on expensive items. It also is best to budget and make a plan for your 2019 when thinking of spending.