2019  girls sunglasses recommended

summer is time for sunglasses season. In the spring and summer seasons, sunglasses are definitely an essential item. It’s a good idea for everyday sun protection or for taking a photo on a vacation. However, different types of face types are suitable for different types of sunglasses. For example, a round-faced girl may be suitable for a large framed glasses with a little angular shape. A face with a face or a long face is more suitable for the smooth lines of the round frame to modify the face. Of course, it is also essential to choose and match sunglasses according to different clothes.

Round Eye

The round sunglasses give the impression that the retro is cute and playful. Round lenses tend to strengthen the round lines of the face, so round and short faces are best not to try round sunglasses. This kind of sunglasses is more suitable for the face with a smoother face, long face and heart-shaped face.

Cat Eye

This shape of the sunglasses very unique. The upper part of the sunglasses frame generally belongs to the uplifting line, and its width tends to exceed the cheeks, so it can be visually widened to lengthen the upper half of the face. This kind of visual contrast makes the lower half of the face smaller, so this cat’s eye sunglasses is very suitable for a round face and square face.


The aviator sunglasses are also what we often call “the frog mirror”. This kind of sunglasses and cat’s eye sunglasses give the opposite feeling. The lens of the aviator sunglasses hangs down on both sides, so it pulls down the lines of the upper half of the face, magnifying the width of the lower half of the face, so the face like a face, a heart-shaped face, a long face, and a pointed chin will fit best with a pair of Aviator style glasses.


This type of sunglasses is also very common. The lenses of the sunglasses are round, and the upper part of the lens is similar to the straight line, and the lower part is square. This kind of sunglasses will expose the square face or the short round face, so it is more suitable for a heart shaped face.

Square-Frame Sunglasses

SOJOS big box series sunglasses is definitely great for a girl with a large face. The thin frame is very light, the nose pad is small and has a silicone wrap. It is very comfortable for a long time and won’t cause fatigue.  The silver frame is matched with a pink, light-colored lens to give it a gentle, high-grade look and a more retro look. This soft and simple design is very versatile and perfect for summer.

Round-frame Sunglasses

The design of the circle and the square can be used to modify the edges and corners of the face, and the lens is really fashionable. This is the perfect glasses for a lively girl who is full of vitality! In addition, the weight of the sunglasses is also very light, even if you wear it all day, it will not have too much pressure on the nose.

Round Metal

SOJOS’s round-frame sunglasses are the retro sunglasses style of this year’s trend. The compact lens is matched with the thin metal frame and temples. It is exquisite and has a tone. It has a cool and high class feel, The weight of the sunglasses is lighter and does not cause too much pressure on the bridge of the nose.

Cat-Eye Frame Sunglasses

Full of playful and feminine tone. The lens is large enough, so the protective effect is also a good one. The thin temples and the delicately polished frames are all sleek details. The cat’s eye sunglasses are really one of the must-have items that come with a sense of fashion.

In 2019, the popular big-name girls sunglasses are recommended to you for fashion. With so many styles and styles, the styles can be matched in the summer according to their needs. Find all your sunglasses essentials at sojosvision.