13 Tips To Find The Best Online Shopping Deals

Below are some of the best tips to get better deals such as those from a discount site when you shop online.

  1. Follow social media accounts

It is common for a business to offer discounts to those that follow them on social media. This may be in the form of an exclusive link that has to be clicked or a coupon.

  1. Sign up for newsletters

Newsletters are scoffed at by a lot of online shoppers, but they do provide those who are deemed to be loyal customers better deals and discounts. You can always avoid spam by using a different email.

  1. Wait it out

Waiting for a shop to drop their price is not a common strategy, but more and more people are using this approach. You can even set a reminder on when to check for the price again.

  1. Go Incognito

If you use Google Chrome, go on Incognito mode. This basically gives you a “clean slate”. Look at the price of an item on your normal browser then look at it on Incognito mode to see if there are any changes.

  1. Ignore free shipping

Free shipping is a tactic that many shopping websites use in order to lure you into what actually is a terrible deal. Make your own calculations to avoid falling for this trap.

  1. Change your location

Location bias is a real thing when it comes to online shopping. If you live in an upscale area, try changing your shipping address to see if you’ll get a reduced price.

  1. Collect coupons

For every online shop that you go to, there is a discount site that will provide you with a coupon. Use this to your advantage to get reduced prices.

  1. Look at different payment methods

Some online shops prefer processing payments through specific payment platforms. You may get a discount if you use their preferred payment process, so make sure that you don’t rush the checkout.

  1. Close the page

Once you’ve signed in, added the item to your cart, and have gone to the checkout page — close the page. Better yet, don’t visit the website for a while. You will usually be offered a discount just to proceed with your purchase.

  1. Use browser add-ons

There are many browser add-ons that you can install that will inform you if there is a better price of the item that you’re looking at elsewhere. These add-ons are useful for websites such as Amazon.

  1. Make a typo

When searching for an item on an online marketplace, try messing up your spelling. Even sellers can make typos on the items that they’re adding onto the marketplace.

  1. Get personal

If it is possible, try to get in touch directly with the manufacturer of the item that you’re trying to purchase. Maybe they can give you a discount if you give them a shoutout or something similar.

  1. Don’t actively look for a deal

Sometimes, you can get a discount by purchasing a similar item from a different brand. Brand loyalty is unnecessary especially if they are manufactured by the same entity.

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